Different DIY Projects Using Cordless Battery Drills

Different DIY Projects Using Cordless Battery Drills

Power drills are among the most useful tools for all handymen. Having a cordless power drill can be even better since you don’t have to worry about power supply and cables. These drills are not suited for sturdy materials due to their battery power, but cordless drills are ideal for most DIY projects. Besides, you can easily carry them around in case you need to do something away from home.

If you’ve recently bought a cordless drill and want to practice, but still craft something useful, our DIY project ideas will help you out. So, let’s see what you can make with a cordless drill while also improving your skills. According to Drilling Advisor, using a cordless battery drill will help finish your projects much faster too.

DIY Projects Ideas using Cordless Battery Drills

1. Make a Coat Rack

Make a Coat Rack

Making a coat rack can be a very exciting thing to do. It might seem a bit difficult, but it’s not; besides, you will have a pretty useful and decorative item in the house. You can make coat racks out of various house items, such as doorknobs and dressers knobs. On the other hand, you can buy very nice decorative hooks if you don’t prefer a rustic design.

There are two ways to do it – you can either drill the items straight into the wall or go the other way. You can grab a piece of wood, put some colors on it, and drill hooks into the wood. However, remember to space them a bit, in case you have more guests than hooks.

2. Hang Up Photos

It’s not literally a project in which you “make” something, but it will allow you to improve your skills with a drill. Hanging up photos using a drill allows you to do it much faster while keeping things simple. Besides, you won’t have to unplug and re-plug things when you hang new photos on the wall, which is an excellent time-saver. Since cordless drills come with various heads, you can attach photos on different surfaces, including even cement.

3. Remodeling the Kitchen

If you plan to remodel the kitchen, you can expect plenty of drilling. At first, you will need to remove the old hardware. After that, you will need to install the new one, which again, requires using the drill. Some hardware might require assembly with a drill, which will additionally improve your drilling skills.

If it happens that most screws are the same size, the project will be even easier and smoother.

A few exciting hours later, you will have a brand new kitchen!

4. Build a Bookshelf

Build a Bookshelf

Even if you are not a bookworm, the chances are that you have various books around the house. On the other hand, a bookshelf can be handy for various trinkets or decorative items. Apart from that, building one will make you feel satisfied, knowing that you made something nice and useful.

This project can be more or less complicated, depending on what kind of bookshelf you want to make. If you run out of design ideas, you can find many designs online, especially on Pinterest or Home Depot. It shouldn’t be a difficult project, but if it’s your first time, you should follow the instructions carefully.

5. Build a Wooden Plant Holder

A wooden plant holder can be a fantastic decorative element, especially if you are into that natural design. At first, let’s mention that it doesn’t require a lot of material; you can do it with extra wood that’s left from other projects. Besides, a wooden plant holder is a very simple thing to make, which consumes barely any time and gives fantastic results in the end. A wooden plant holder is also an ideal decorative item for both indoors and outdoors.

6. Fix Loose Screws Around the House

This is not a project in which you actually “build” something, but it can be quite exciting and make you feel productive. Every home has loose screws here and there, and since cordless battery drills allows you to be completely mobile, now it’s time to fix them. Screws can get loose after some time, so be sure to check the bed, chairs, tables, and similar wooden items.

7. Make a Wooden Doormat

Wooden doormat is an excellent thing to make for multiple reasons. At first, if made well, it can be a fantastic decorative element. People will see it when they come to your home, so it’s even better if you find nice wood with some great edging and finish. You can paint it in any color, to match the yard and other decorations. In the end, a wooden doormat will last longer than a classic one, especially in bad weather, which is another reason to consider making one.

8. A Simple Practice in a Piece of Wood

In the end, let us give you a simple yet useful idea. If you want to improve your drilling skills, you don’t actually need to build something. You can take a piece of wood and drill different holes in it. This might sound simple, but you can learn a lot from it.

At first, you can try different bits and see what kind of hole they make. The next thing that you should do is making a very precise hole. When you start drilling, you can notice that the drill moves slightly in a circular motion, which can lead to a bit imprecise results.

To avoid that, you first need to mark the drilling point with a pen. Then, use a small bit to drill a tiny hole. After that, you can use the bigger bit since it will be fixed in the already existing hole. Of course, you start with a small bit because it’s much easier to control and keep fixed while drilling.

Wrapping Up

All the projects that we mentioned are ideal for beginners who recently bought their first cordless drill. However, even if you have experience with drilling, you will find these ideas helpful, useful, and yet interesting.

Of course, be sure to always pay attention to safety. Battery drills are not dangerous devices, but you can never be too cautious when it comes to using electronically powered tools.


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