What to Do with an Old Sofa?

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For many of us, getting a new sofa is something that we’ll do every 2-3 years. Especially when we want to change the décor in a room and need a new sofa to match. The problem is, when your new sofa arrives, you need your old sofa to be gone to make space. So, what’s the best thing to do with your old sofa?

What to do with an Old Couch?

1. Sell Your Sofa to Someone Else

If your sofa is in good condition, you may wish to put your sofa up to sale in order to get back some of the money you paid for it initially. You have a few options for how to sell your sofa, with many people opting to use sites like Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace for the most traffic for their advert.

When listing your sofa, be sure to take lots of photographs in natural lighting, that way buyers will get the best idea of what they’re buying. It’s also important to outline any imperfections such as rips or sun damage and whether your home has any smokers or pets. Otherwise, you might have people complaining after purchase.

As for pricing, have a research to see what other people are pricing sofas of a similar age, brand, and size. Always remember that people like to barter on prices, so if you are looking for a certain price, add a little onto your asking price.

2. Give Your Sofa to Charity

If your sofa is still in good condition, however, or you’re not keen on selling it or you’d like someone in need to get it, you can give your old sofa to charity. These days, many local charities have their own van and will happily come and collect your sofa to sell. Just give them a ring and see if this is something that they are currently doing (as occasionally they might have too many sofas or pieces of furniture to sell).

You can also consider giving it to a charity who will send your old sofa over to someone in need. This could be a woman’s charity, where these ladies might be escaping abusive homes and starting from new. Or, it could be a charity for older people, who might not be able to afford a new sofa. Do research in your area and see what charities are available.

You might even want to check if anyone in your family or friend network could benefit from having your old sofa. Perhaps a niece or nephew who is starting out on their own, or again an someone who cannot afford a new sofa but would be thrilled with yours.

3. Dispose of Your Sofa Responsibly

Sometimes, though, a sofa has just reached the end of its days. It could be very old, with its springs going, or you might have pets or children that have ruined it with stains or rips. In these cases, your sofa is just too used for someone else to use it, which means it needs to be disposed.

Getting rid of your sofa should be done in a responsible way, which is why you should always choose a company that is built upon keeping as much rubbish away from the landfills as possible. That way you’ll know that as much of your sofa that can be recycled or reused will be. Leaving you with a clear conscience!

4.  Make something new

Your sofa can be broken down and made into something else, sofas are made from fabric, foam, and wood or metal. If you strip the sofa back to its bare state.  There are lots of upcycling and sewing platforms that will show you what you can do with all the loose bits. YouTube and Pinterest are also great for ideas. Maybe look closer to home, we all have that friend that can always make something from nothing.  The Fabric can be used to make clothes, straps, belts and lots more.  The foam can be used to make new cushions. Finally wood and metal and loads of great usages.

5.  Choose the right disposal collection company

There are many companies up and down the country that will collect your old sofa. Be sure to choose the right one. First look at their environmental and recycling policies, Are they committed to reusing or recycling where possible? Do they want to avoid putting the sofa in the landfill? These are some of the first things you should ask. Next, will they come and collect the sofa, no matter where in the property it is located? This is very important as if you cannot carry theses large items yourself, then it is best to leave it to the professionals. Lastly, are they licensed to take your sofa? There are many companies that are not licensed and you could find your sofa dumped at the end of the street. To check if a company is licensed ask for their environmental agency number.

All of this can seem like a mindful just for a sofa, however, it is very important to get rid of it in a responsible manner.

Looking to get your old sofa disposed of? Get in touch with KwikSweep today to see how we can help you dispose of your sofa is a responsible manner.


Do not landfill it

It might seem like the easy options to chuck your sofa in a landfill site, it may even be cheaper. Please avoid doing this as it will have am major environmental impact for years to come. Some sofas contain a lot of toxic chemicals, which over time these chemicals will leak into the ground and end up in rivers and streams then into our water supplies. A lot of the fabric is not degradable which means it will be in the ground for 100s of years to come. Most countries are running out of landfill space, which means that your old sofa could end up miles away in other country, often poorer ones.


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