How to use Old Flatware Sets for Home Decor?

With time, we accumulate more stuff, and most of it is there in the kitchen only. Like there will be multiple silverware, some flatware that you don’t use anymore, or maybe some mismatched spoons, forks, and knives.

The best idea is to use them as home decor; I know you must be thinking about how you can transform your flatware into decorative flatware and if it will even look good.

In this blog, we will explore this only and talk about ways with which you can actually turn your rusty, old, and barely used flatware into an exotic and state-of-the-art home decor item.

Old Flatware Set

8 Amazing Things to do with the Old Flatware Sets in 2020

All the below-given designs are very easy to create with minimal efforts; let’s start.

1. A vintage flatware lamp

This item is perfect for impressing your guests and leaving them startled whenever they’ll look at it. Though this one requires quite a lot of time in designing, the end product is worth it. You can even find such lamps for thousands of bucks at a store because it has a stylish appeal, which is very different from what we see in normal designer lamps.

It can be a perfect statement piece for any of your rooms. All you need is a working lamp base, thin wire, metal lampshade skeleton, spray paint, a power drill, and obviously the silverware.

2. Frame your best flatware sets

Now, by best, I don’t mean the new ones you have just bought, but the best amongst the old ones you don’t use anymore. You might not be aware, but framed stainless steel flatware is loved by all, even the art lovers appreciate it a lot. Moreover, canvas on walls isn’t always interesting to hang.

Just a bunch of flatware items that you don’t use anymore will be enough to grab your guest’s attention towards the walls. Also, before framing, you can paint them with spray paint and turn them shiny with golden or silver paint or any other decorative color that matches your furniture or walls. An ornate frame would be enough for this. So, try it on your own and play with your luxury flatware.

3. Make a spoon wreath

So, this one is not created with a silverware set, but with those cheap plastic spoons that you have somewhere in the corner of your kitchen. You don’t have to throw them away, as they can be converted into a magnificent decorative item like a wreath.

All you have to do is spray paint them with some fun and bright colors, stick them together with glue, and your fun wreath is ready. For your kid’s room or nursery, it’ll be the best décor item. So, don’t you want to have this cute addition in your home? This easy to do décor activity is a must for all home décor lovers.

4. Silverware Set Mirror

If you search online, then you can find endless decorative mirrors that have silverware as their borders. Such mirrors are very easy to design, and for this, you already have all the things at your home, like cardboard, hot glue gun, and an old china plate form an old dinnerware set. The mirror will look vintage and would offer a rustic look to your home with a mirror in between and spoons and forks on the border. For your modern kitchen, study room, or living room, this will be an amazing addition.

5. Flatware cardholder

This is a very innovative thing to do and a quintessential one for dinner parties when people are coming with a lot of cards. Also, for a wedding, a flatware cardholder would present an astonishing look. Even for everyday decoration, these are just perfect. Just turn and twist the forks, and your cardholder is ready. You can put a recipe card holder, business card holder, or even any important mail that you don’t want to forget on these fork cardholders. This will provide an antique look to your space while uplifting the appearance effortlessly. This idea is also helpful in decluttering your place.

6. Use silverware as vases

This is a very lazy but astounding way to revamp the look and feel of your home. Silver is definitely a fantastic idea to showcase colorful flowers and plants and attract people. You can put it at the center of the dining table or at the entrance. I agree that the world is decorating flowers in ceramic and glass vases, but silverware is a unique way to update the environment of your abode.

7. Fabricate Hooks from Spoons

The old spoons/forks can get converted into strong, elegant, and pleasant broad hooks. Primarily, you should curve the spoons and forks, later screw it to a bit of vintage frame or a wall to create a hanger for dish towels. They can further be utilized on creating kitchen closet holders, appended to the opening of either through the vessel of the spoon/fork or the holder. Investing time on reusing old flatwares are a great start to fight out frustration and bring out the creative master in you.

8. Dazzling Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are dazzling & lovely, and making them is not a tough task. It can be made in a few minutes by all yourself. Firstly, place the spoons on a smooth firm cover and hammer down the bowed surface. Unite all the necessary pieces needed to finish up the Wind Chimes – almost you need all the pieces of the silverware. Use colourful beads and jewellery pieces to make them attractive and use forks as a hanger. Here, you’re done with your wondrous wind chimes. Wave them outdoor or near a window, it’s your creative outcome.

So, this was all about reusing your old flatware, but getting a new one is also an essential thing when you don’t want to compromise with the quality and look. You might be looking for a gorgeous dinnerware set including a cup and plate set, or you can modify the kitchen with motifs and patterns of luxury flatware with a serveware set.

Though you can find various options online, you must look for a place where you can find some lovely collection of flatware and dinnerware. Compromising with the quality or price when it comes to kitchen items is something you should not do, so maybe you need to research more, but in the end, whatever you are buying should be satisfying enough.


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