6 Things You Need to Do Once You Buy a New House

Buying a new house is like running a long race. The closer is the prize, the number and more exhausted you are. If you are reading this article, you are probably just entered the last curve and feel every single centimeter of the distance you have passed. Hold on, laurels and champagne are just few steps away – All you have to do now is to make this final push and your family will finally be ready to move in. Let us look at what these few steps are.

6 Steps to Follow before you Shift to your New House

Change the Lock on All Exterior Doors

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As soon as you get the keys to your new home, make sure that they become useless. Previous owners may have given a copy to the janitor. Some old tenants may have given the copies to their relatives. There is no way you can ever find out who may randomly walk into your living room, especially if you bought an older house. Put these questions to rest and make sure that everyone who tries to enter your home stumbles upon a changed lock.

Exterminate the Pest

Also, it should really not be a bad idea to hire exterminators to make sure that your house is free of pests. Sure, this may seem like an unnecessary expense you cannot afford right now, but you will realize sooner or later that there is no way you could make sure that your house is truly vacant during those few short visits you made before. Forcing the pests out will be much harder and more expensive once you settle in.

Throw out Everything You Do Not Need

If your previous owners have left some furniture pieces, you should take some time to see if you can use some of them, and how well will your old furniture blend into this new environment. Consider everything that does not fit into the frame liability and move it out. Whether you are going to throw a garage sale, or you are going to give the pieces that are redundant to charity is up to you.

Check the DWV and Electrical Systems

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Both electrical and drainwastevent systems are practically in-built into your house – Making any kind of upgrades or repairs on them requires extensive works that may or may not involve tearing down the walls. Use the fact that your house is still empty to give them one final check and make sure that everything is ok. Also, do not miss the chance to replace the switches and outlets while you are there.

Make the Necessary Upgrades

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While we are still at tearing down the walls – If you want to make some necessary upgrades or assign new purpose to some of the rooms, now is the time. For example, according to guys from Universal Home Theater, installing a home theater in one of your rooms will require a fair amount of work on lighting, acoustics and furnishing, so it is much better to do all of these things sooner than later. Same goes for the dressing rooms, home gyms, etc.

Clean the House

Once you are done with all these things, chances are that your house will need a thorough cleaning. Even if you have done nothing of the mentioned and the previous owners left the house in a good shape, clean it anyway. You can never be too safe when it comes to your family’s health. Besides that, you cannot have a fresh start without a fresh house, right?

If you went through all these steps – Congratulations! The race is over and your new house is finally ready for moving in. Enjoy the break, you more than deserved it.


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