How to Make the Most of Your Tiny Bedroom Space?

Small Bedroom

How to decorate a Small Bedroom?

In this technology-driven 21st century, the world is ruled by nuclear families and obsessive-compulsive minimalists. Lease flats and renting a house are the order of the day, and coming across tiny bedrooms is a relatively common sight. While having a small bedroom isn’t a bad thing, people often have this unanimous complaint: that they have too little space to work with!

More often than not, the very people complaining about the “lack of space” are at fault at such instances, because they fail to understand the aesthetics of designing; how every room, irrespective of how big or small, needs to be treated differently. Everyone has a question in their mind how to decorate a small bedroom?

If you too have a small bedroom in your rental apartment and don’t quite know how to give it a facelift, here are a few ideas you should consider.

Top 5  Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

1. Choose The Right Furniture

When it comes to smaller bedrooms, functionality always trumps form. So, instead of packing your room with a heavy king-size bed or a huge dresser, always take the simpler route. Carefully handpick that furniture that actually fit the profile of the room. For instance, a small 2-door armoire can save you lots of space when chosen over a 3 or a 4-door wardrobe.

2. De-clutter as Much as You Can

You might usually get overly ambitious and decide to fill your room with things you don’t actually need. When you’re dealing with small spaces, you should avoid doing so like the plague.

Instead, look around the room, figure out what you need, and find out if they actually belong in the room. If you find an entertainment cabinet that’s being a ‘deadweight’, get rid of it. Either use it in other areas of your house or simply sell it online.

3. Pick the Right Colors

Always stay away from dark colors on your walls because they usually make the room feel more like a cramped jail cell. You can rather choose to use darker shades on accessories like pillow cases, covers, and drapes, and limit its usage.

On the other hand, choosing lighter colors over their darker counterparts give your room a better aesthetic touch, making it feel big and more welcoming.

4. Get Creative with Your Storage Space

People don’t usually want to throw things away because almost everything we buy has a sentimental value attached to it. So, rather than letting those things spoil the outlook of your room, store them in an easily accessible place. And for that, you might need to consider some multi-function furniture and the like. Say, for instance, a bed with storage can help you pile all the junk in one of the pull-out drawers that come along with these beds.

5. Ramp Up Your Ceiling

Ceilings are one of the few things that people don’t consider working upon. So, why not try something different with your ceiling for a change? Add a different color to your ceiling, or even get some artwork painted to give it a unique visual appeal. Better yet, hire a mason to build a faux ceiling.

Faux ceiling seen nowadays are made out of white cement and allows room for extreme customization, that too without costing a whole lot of money. Whatever you love: an intricate Aztecian design or soothing geometrical shapes; let your ceiling reflect that.

Whether you live in a rented house or a villa, your bedroom is your sanctuary and it should always be a place you can step into for comfort and warmth. As the popular blogger, Nandita Manwani says, using the right decorating ideas can help you achieve exactly that.

So tell us! Have you come up with any interesting decor ideas of your own? Share them with us by leaving comments below.


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  1. amor lara says:

    Bedroom in our homes are important. whether it is big or small.when it comes to decorating our room we carefully handpick that furniture that actually fit the profile of the room

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