5 Tips for Low Cost Gardening

low cost gardening

Let us get one thing clear. Virtually every one of us enjoys a well-maintained and well-organized garden. Even the persons that think that they do not like gardens do not really have anything against the gardens themselves, but they rather have a problem with gardening. And truly, gardening looks like a very demanding hobby and the road between regular backyard and the lush garden full of hard labor and costly obstacles. Fortunately, the things are seldom what they seem, and there are ways to keep both your plants and your budget thriving. Let us take a look at some of them.

Best Low Cost Gardening Tips

Use the Hand-Made Gardening Tools and Equipment

Or in other words – Recycle. You would be surprised to know just how many everyday items that would otherwise go to waste can be re-purposed into awesome gardening tools and equipment. Here, we will breeze through some of them.

  • Old milk jugs: If you are living in a colder area, you will be glad to know that you can use ordinary milk jugs to create mini greenhouses and protect seedlings from frost (jug’s caps can be used for regulating the temperature). Oh, yeah, jugs can also serve as very flexible and affordable scoops.
  • Blankets and tablecloths: If you have ever wondered are the wheel carts that necessary for moving hard things around the garden, the answer is – Absolutely not. You can just use regular blankets, tablecloth, and towels instead.
  • Yogurt containers: The most affordable cutworm collars for seedlings you can possibly imagine.
  • Old dish pans: Fill them with some potting soil and other supplies and you will get one perfectly serviceable mobile potting bench.

Find the Plants that Match the Local Climate

prepare the soil

And now, as for the gardening itself… One of the main reasons why most of the failed gardens became a giant waste of time and money was because their owners were not paying attention while choosing what they are going to plant. Finding the flowers that will match the climate you are living in is the first and the most important step in keeping your garden sustainable.

Prepare the Soil

image 5

Another important prerequisite that plants need in order to survive, is, of course, a good soil, so be sure to prepare them a friendly and nourishing environment before you put them into the ground. Save your fruit and vegetable scraps and keep them in a lidded bucket where they can decompose (coffee grains and few crumbled egg would not hurt the process either). Stop adding new things three months before you start using the compost. Or you can find some reliable backpack sprayers, and solve this problem with a liquid fertilizer.

Use the Cuttings

plant cuttings

If you simply cannot get enough of some coleus there is absolutely no need to waste your money in order to buy more. Wait for the autumn, take the cuttings, pot them up, keep them inside until the winter is finally over, and you will have no problem filling the missing blanks once the last frost in the spring is gone. For more variety, exchange the cuttings with your friends – It can become an addictive hobby.

Plant the Replicating Bulbs

image 1

Some bulbs tend to become weaker and weaker with every succeeding year, while others just keep going no matter what you throw at them, and to make things even better, they replicate themselves without any effort from the gardener. It should be obvious that you should opt for the latter ones (e.g. daffodils) and wait for them to populate the garden. Not the fastest gardening method out there, but as affordable as it gets.

If you follow these few tips, you will find the maintenance of your garden much easier, and, what is probably even more important, more affordable. And once you get these two issues off the table, you will finally be able to enjoy gardening for what it really is, an enjoyable and fulfilling hobby.


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