5 Best Decor ideas for a Studio Apartment

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Studio apartments are greatly on trend in big fashion cities like Paris, New York, and Florence. It is a complete home under one roof with no walls and no proper rooms. Yes, you can divide it into rooms with glass walls or wooden compartments. A studio apartment is quite fun to decorate. Here I have five smart decor ideas for a studio apartment.

Top 5 Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas:

1. Choose different themes

Choose the statement pieces

The uniform setting looks good at some places but not all. To decorate a studio apartment, you can choose different themes for different corners, for example, you can choose some lighter shade of gray or off-white for the living room and then you can go for a darker shade of purple or black for the dining area. In the same way, you can select a different theme for your bedroom area, this way you can add glam to your apartment and save it from looking boring,

2. Go for the airy look


Studio apartments are small; this is why you should not choose the things that make it look further suffocated. Use fine clear glass for the compartment of the apartment. The transparent glass will make your space look airier and less suffocated. It will make your apartment appear bigger in size, even bigger than its actual size.

3. Add texture to it


Adding texture to your space is crucial. You can do that with the help of curtains, rugs and other things. Try to use a faux fur rug in some bright color if you have a lighter theme. It will make the apartment look all more attractive instantly. Also, choose the curtains wisely. Don’t go for floral print curtains or something that is too bright and loud. Keep it all elegant. Remember, less is more!

4. Invest in your comfort


It does not matter if you own a big house or a small studio apartment, something that you must invest in is your comfort. After all your comfort is the most important of them all. Look for a nice mattress that is bouncy and soft; get few good looking bed sets and a comfy down comforter. If you prefer colorful things, you can purchase the bed sets in different colors or the ones that come with cool and funky prints.

5. The artwork


Wherever you go and whatever you are thinking to decorate, whether it is an apartment, a complete house, some office space or just your bedroom, there is always room for artwork. This includes different paintings, small sculptures, ceramic pieces and much more. You can even use your own pictures in the decoration of your space. You can get your pictures framed and hang them around in order to have a personalized look.

All the tips mentioned above will surely help you with your studio apartment decor. I hope you find it useful. Have a wonderful day and stay safe!


About the Author:  This post is written by Julie Austin. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She regularly blogs at My Bed Comforter.


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