4 Types of Modern Concrete Homes

types of modern concrete homes

Concrete modern homes are those which offers the purchaser and builders with all the benefits. These houses provide the owner with comfortable shelter, protection from natural disasters, and calamities. Concrete houses also offer a cooling effect inside the house that reduces the outside temperature.

They sustain for the long term without competing with heavy damages inside the house. It should have a lifespan that is much longer than any typical stick-framed construction The designs installed inside the house should be changeable that can suit any architectures styles.

Homes made of concrete are different from the other houses; this is because the exterior wall, the interior walls, the roof, and the floor are all made of concrete. Most of the houses are powered using solar energy. Before constructing a home, it is much needed to have a concrete house planning for installing more advanced methods.

Types of Modern Concrete Homes

There are four different types of concrete building systems –

1.  Concrete Block

concrete blocks

Concrete blocks are made up of Portland cement, water, sand, and gravel. The color of the concrete blocks is light grey. Concrete blocks are heavier than AAC blocks. Plastering can be easily done. Thermal conductivity is very high, and heat transfer is done more. Less proportion of labor is implemented while constructing houses. It requires more water for curing during manufacturing procedures.

Availability of concrete blocks are very difficult hence, proper storage is required. It is not a green product. It can resist earthquake forces. It requires a lot of time while constructing. It is used in making basement walls, foundation, garden walls, chimneys and many more.

2.  Precast Panels

precast panels

It is a new method of concrete that is used worldwide. Elements can be cast in advance. Quality can be controlled and maintained easily. The precast method has better quality than cast in situ concrete in terms of durability, stability, and durability. Water cement ratio can be easily adopted. Less number of labors are implemented during the manufacturing process, hence labor cost can be saved. It speeds up the construction time and saves a cost. It does not need curing on site. Hence, it can be directly installed. Natural calamities do not cause any effects on casting.

3.  Insulating Concrete Forms

The forms are made from light-weighted materials. These are connected to each other with plastic or metal ties. Insulating concrete forms provide insulating properties for the concrete walls. Insulated concrete formed houses can be constructed in any design. It has the power to withstand against all the natural calamities. It is energy efficient and durable.

4.  Removable Forms

Removable forms is a very convenient concrete form. They acquire a lot of installation options.

How to Build a Concrete Home?

While building a concrete home, you must have patience within your self because concrete houses need some time for perfect completion. It has been seen that the reduction of time and work can be managed by adopting precast concrete products. The step given below is to be followed while building a concrete home.

  • The first step includes marking the corners of the concrete house.
  • Prepare the foundation of the house and lay the footers. The size of the footers should depend upon the size of the house and block walls.
  • While building a concrete house, the corners should be layout at the beginning.
  • Start building the walls of the house with the help of using strings to build the walls straight.
  • After the blocks are set on top of each other, make sure to fill them up with mortar. Fix the bolts at the top of the blocks.

What are the Costs?

Cost of a modern concrete house depends upon where the house has been built, the availability of the resources needed in the construction. The building process is comparatively different from that of other types of homes. But it is not different from building a house with brick or stones. It requires the same skilled, and unskilled labor cost are similar to those of brick or stones houses. Houses built with brick house cost expensive than those of houses built with concrete block cost.

What are the Best Siding Options for a Home?

vinyl siding

House siding option is a protective material that is attached outside the house to prevent it from natural calamities. These days, there are many different types of siding available for your residential house. You can choose the one that best suits your home. Some of the common siding types are aluminum, wood, vinyl, and steel. There are two benefits from having siding for your residential home, one is, it protects your house and another one is it makes your house look more appealing.

The best siding options for a house are given below

  1. Wood – Wood is considered as one of the options for your home siding. Using wood siding give more natural appeal to your home.
  2. Vinyl – Vinyl siding is least expensive, and it is easy to maintain, and it will not develop rot like other sidings, especially wood siding.
  3. Aluminum siding – Compare to wood or vinyl siding, Aluminum is a much more durable option. It is capable of water resistance, fire resistance, it does not rot and is not susceptible to insect damage.
  4. Steel siding – Steel siding is much more durable than aluminum siding, and it is also fire and water-resistant. Installing steel siding is the best option if you are living in a place where the weather changes rapidly.

It has been seen that there are different types of concrete home designs; there are a few simple and beautiful concrete house designs that are famous in the whole world.

  • Prefab Outside of Zurich
  • Big Island house in Hawaii
  • Cast in place concrete dream in Texas
  • Concrete retreat in Ecuador
  • A concrete home in Rural Belgium

Concrete house Pros and Cons

Concrete houses have many advantages, it provides insulation against cold and heat. Apart from insulation, it is fire-resistant houses.  Concrete blocks are very decorative.

There are a few disadvantages of concrete houses, not all but few of the concrete houses may collapse due to unbearable conditions of nature. It requires a lot of investment while constructing than those of houses built with bricks or stones.


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