Different Wall Sidings that can Transform your Home

Wall Sidings

Different Wall Sidings for your Home

Structuring or overhauling the place is one of the contemplating decisions. Usually, it takes months for people to find the most suitable designs for their place. If you aim to give the unique and attractive look to home or office, it’s wise that you consult the professionals before choosing the ideal wall sidings. Professionals help a lot in choosing different wall sidings for your home.

Before considering it as a smaller or last-minute decision, which is often the case- Remember that wall sidings are like the clothes to a house or office. So, whatever the design and cladding are selected, it highlights the outlook of the place, indirectly reflecting your personality. So, why to leave such an important decision?

With great sidings material and designs in the market, let’s do some homework before reaching the final decision.

Decorative Stone Options for Wall Sidings

Stone Siding


Although decorative stone is costly, they remain alluring and green even a decade later. Available in varied types as limestone, slate, and granite, these stones need professionals hand to stick on the walls. In other words, adding stones to walls further increases the cost but as the time passes, this wall siding will pay more than the invested amount. 

Brick Siding


Made out of fired clay, the brick sidings are available in varied shapes, sizes, texture, and color. Generally, these sidings are added to the wooden structure as a veneer. And, because of its water penetrating property, one must get the water membrane installed on the wall before pasting this siding.

Popular among people for their appearance, durability, lightweight, and maintenance, the brick sidings are added to walls with a mixture of cement, lime/sand, mortar, and water. This again adds on to the cost of material and installation but once embedded will last for an endless time and nothing to do with maintenance.

Metal Siding


The quality, durability, and the strength of this decorative stone surpass most of the other wall sidings. Known to add beauty to the place, one can choose from the varied types of metal sidings, which are copper, aluminum, and zinc. The tiles need a backing material like plywood or any moisture barrier so that these can be installed in desired curves, shapes, and edges.

However, the metal tiles like copper and steel may change on exposing to weather but with finishing quality, these sidings remain the same.

  • Fiber Cement Siding

Composed of sand, flies ash, cement, and cellulose fiber, the Fiber Cement Sidings are nonflammable, termite resistant, water resistant, and durable in nature. If you’re seeking wood sidings to add on walls, this material is the far better option to opt for. Apart from guarantying to last for nearly 50 years without maintenance, the Fiber cement siding gives an appearance of wood sidings installed on the walls.

  • Vinyl Siding

For all the working class with a limited budget, the Vinyl sidings are the best option. Cost-effective in nature, these natural stones only require an occasional wash for maintenance. With fewer labor and tools required for its installation, the homeowners can select the best suiting vinyl sidings for the walls out of the three hundred choices in color, which include shakes, shingles, horizontal and vertical panels, fish scales, and beaded designs.

Available with most of the retailers, vinyl sidings need flat surfaces with one-and-and-a-half thick sheets that provide a nailing surface.

  • Split Logs

For all the lovers of wildlife and traditional mountains, this wall siding is the best. Dried and treated for a long time, the Split logs usually are used in their natural form without paint or stained look. However, if you wish for the other appearance, then it is also available.

Made using redwood, pine logs, cedar, and cypress, these wall sidings require extra care and installation cost. In fact, it is highly prone to cracks and insect infestation, therefore both the installation and maintenance work must be handed over to the professionals.

Wood Sidings


Before overhauling the walls of the house with wooden sidings, select the most suitable one for your place from the list.

  • Board-and-Batten

The board and batten siding has no standard width or spacing, so can be developed and installed in varying length. For instance, you can create 1×10-inch boards alternated with 1×5-inch board battens.

These claddings are indeed developed using boards- wide in size, like pine or cedar with thin strips that cover the board on joints. One of the oldest yet classic styles of sidings, Board-and –Batten is added directly onto the flat surface with moisture between the layers.

  • Shakes and Shingles

Most commonly obtained from redwood or Western red cedar, the shakes, and shingles require periodic maintenance to prevent any weather damage. Being different from the natural stone, it uses Paints and Caulk for its long life.

Commencing with shingles, these give a visual interest and consistent look by its varied shapes and cut. In fact, these are hand-sewn material, which gives a traditional look to the place.

Contrarily, the shakes are made from bolts (a wooden block) in both machines and from hands. These are no doubt, thicker and less uniform compared to the shingles but in term of durability, it beats its counterpart.

However, when it comes to high-risk locations, the people use both shakes and shingles widely.

  • Bevel Siding

Installed horizontally on the walls with the overlapping pattern, this building material is embedded on the solid surface like plywood. Also, known as the oldest form of wall sidings for homes as well as workplace, Bevel sidings are made by patching the wooden board at a certain angle, which makes it look thicker at one side and thinner on the other. Apart from giving a lavish look inside, the Bevel sidings are also used on exterior walls.

Due to the durability and long-lasting property of this material, people love using cypress, spruce, pine, cedar, redwood, and Douglas as bevel sidings. Lastly, all these need periodic maintenance to prevent weather damage.

Comprehending the types and properties of each decorative stones and other wall sidings, you would agree that there is something exciting and exclusive, which these cladding add own to the home or other buildings. So, buy the most appropriate of these and give a fresh look to your place.


Author Bio: Alex is a certified architectural designer, who is passionate about providing essential and helpful information related to structure enhancement. After successfully completing her degree in architect, she developed the flair for writing on the topics associated with real estate, home decor with natural stones and lifestyle so that people can find the easiest and affordable ways of making structure improvement.


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