How to buy the right Air Conditioner for your Home?

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With summers getting hotter than ever, the need of air conditioners is getting much bigger by the year. They are the best solution for high temperatures, and it will make your home a cool sanctuary. The size of the room, the type of air conditioner, the extra features that the unit may have, are just some of the factors you must consider when choosing the best air conditioning system for your home.

Check out the following tips before buying AC for your home:

The Proper Size of the Room and the Unit

Both of the size of the room that is supposed to be cooled down and the air conditioner is highly important when choosing what unit to buy. Namely, it is very important not to buy an over-sized air conditioner because it will work against you. The too big unit is going to be less effective because it will only waste the energy, and remove the minimum amount of humidity out of the room. The properly sized air conditioner will manage to remove both heat and humidity from the room.

Home’s Electrical System

It is essential that the home’s electrical system can meet the power requirements of the air conditioner. It is quite possible that large room units rated at 115 volts will require a dedicated circuit, considering room units operate at 115 or 230-volt circuit. Additionally, units rated at 230 volts will probably require a special circuit. Furthermore, make sure you check if a unit has a built-in timer, a filter that slides out easily so that you can clean the unit regularly.

Types of Air Conditioner

Split system air conditioners consist of one part attached to the internal wall of the house, and the other on the outside. These units are inexpensive to install and are very flexible due to their separate unit feature. The next type is the inverter system air conditioner, and these are able to vary the temperature of the air they produce. They are more expensive, but also much cheaper to run, much quieter, and manage to achieve the temperature you want much faster.

Reverse system air conditioner has both cooling and heating function. These units are perfect for winter, as well as for the hot summer months. Finally, multi-system air conditioners have the ability to connect more indoor units to the outdoor one. This means that one control station runs the entire system, and the temperature in every room must be the same.

The Installation

Before you install the residential air conditioning, you must do a little planning first. In order for the inside drainage system and other mechanisms operate efficiently, the unit must be level when installed. A shaded spot is the best location for the unit, especially north side of the house. The less the unit is exposed to the sunlight, the better. Once the outside unit’s heat charger is heated by the sunlight, its efficiency decreases significantly. If you do not have enough shade, you might consider planting a tree or some shrubs.

Lamps and televisions are not supposed to be anywhere near the air conditioner’s thermostat. The air conditioner will most likely run longer than necessary because the thermostat can sense heat from any appliance near it.
The fan speed should be on high if the humidity is low outside. On the other hand, you will be more comfortable with low fan speed when the humidity is high. Your home will be much cooler on humid days if the fan speed is on low. Furthermore, the moisture will be completely removed from the air due to the slower air movement.

These were some of the basic information, you must know before you decide to buy an air conditioner for your home. Keep in mind that the installation is not easy, so feel free to hire a professional to do the work. The safe home is the best home.


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