Pest Prevention: Eight Ways to Prevent Pests From Invading Your Home

pest prevention

Pest Prevention Tips

“The pest control industry is continually growings prevention has become the strategy of choice.” -Cindy Mannes

Pests are a common problem anywhere you might live. It does not matter whether your house and lot in Angeles if fairly new or not, pests will inevitably find a way to invade your home. And when they do, these uninvited visitors bring a myriad of problems as they are not only a dreadful sight to see, they also present an impression of slovenly living. Home pest control is imperative as living with them results in illnesses with some of your family members and in order to do so, you must maintain a degree of cleanliness in your homes. If you are or have ever been plagued by these unwanted guests, here are a few ways for pest prevention.

How to do Pest Prevention at Home?

Check out some ways for Home Pest Control:

1. Limit where you eat


Food attracts pests—most especially if they are left where they are when you are done. Crumbs and leftover food would inevitably attract ants and by the next day, you will see your plates swarming in them. To address this, make it a rule that eating would only be done exclusively in the kitchen or the dining area. Do not bring food to your rooms or any other area of the house.

2. Tackle spills immediately


Spills are a welcome invitation to pests. Any residue left from spilled food or beverages can easily attract ants or any kind of bugs. Make sure these are taken care of quickly but do not limit your cleaning to what is only visible to you. Move your furniture and appliances around to ensure that every bit of the mess will be wiped out.

3. Clean the floor every day


Whatever your method of sprucing up is—whether that may be sweeping the floor or vacuuming it, make sure you do it daily. Any residue left either from food or drinks must be removed quickly so that pests would not have the chance to invade and be attracted to the mess.

4. Secure your trash can


Trash cans should have a lid. Leaving it open is not only unsightly, but it would attract bugs such as mosquitoes, flies, and ants into your home. Furthermore, when the trash can starts to get a little full, immediately throw away its contents in the dumpster outside of your home.

5. Clear the drain


Drains whether slow moving or not should be routinely cleaned. Any food residue should be removed and be thrown away immediately. Remember, there are a lot of bugs that would be attracted to water. With this in mind, repair any leaks and drains in your home that might be broken.

6. Store your food properly

Improper storage not only causes spoilage, but it would also attract bugs as well. Make sure you seal all of your stored food properly as bugs can get into anything.

7. Keep your home clutter free

clutter free kitchen

By keeping your home clutter-free, you would be hitting two birds at once. You will be cleaning up an unsightly mess and would be effectively preventing pests from lurking in your home. Take note; pests love dark and cluttered areas as these places make it easier for them to hide. Remove and clean the clutter from your homes, and they will have less hiding places to choose from.

8. Keep a close eye on fruits and vegetables


Fruits and vegetables when not stored properly can quickly spoil and rot. Although these are essential to nutrition, they can be potential elements that would attract bugs. Consume fruits and vegetables as soon as they are ripe or throw them out when they are way past their prime. Ripe fresh food can easily attract fruit flies and ants.


Author Bio: Rachelle Anne Lopez writes different blogs, She’s best known for writing romance, home improvements and language. She also writes for Amaia, real estate company in the Philippines. She live at house and lot in talisay Rachelle find writing and researching fun. She always dreaming to work in translation agency when she was a kid. She look forward to work full time in translation agency sometime.


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