The Challenge of Buying a Home: 5 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

First Time Home Buyers

Buying a Home?

Buying a home for the very first time can be distressing and stressful. Not only it is the most significant purchase of your entire life, but the whole process is confusing, filled with unusual words and surprising expenses.

Before deciding what property to buy, you need to consider lots of things. Such as the design of the house and the kind of community that you want. However, you do not have plenty of time to waste because real estate never takes a siesta. Meaning, what you like now might no longer exist tomorrow.

Ready to purchase your first home? Then have some time reading and understanding the tips below to make the process less stressful.

Top 5 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

If you are a first time home buyers then here is the list of top home buying guide you need to keep in mind while buying your first home:

Study your Financing Options

Before you even start searching for your dream house, you must first know the amount of money that you have. If your short in this area, worry not. There are tons of financing options out there for first time home buyers, like Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans.

Financial issues are the most common reason why most people are reluctant to buy a home of their own. According to the survey conducted by Rental Service Apartment List, 80 percent out of thousand renters wish to buy a home. However, most claim that they cannot afford to do so.

Thus, acquiring a great financial option is very important. First time home buyers can certainly benefit from these loans since they are still financially unstable and just getting on their feet.

Make a List

Think about your values and lifestyle before you seriously start house hunting. For example, ask yourself what makes aspects will improve your well-being or what can potentially make you miserable.

With that, create a checklist of the non-negotiables, from the amenities to the location that your future home must have. As such, it will also make the realtor’s job a lot easier. Of course, there’s nothing better than by being truly aware of what you want. However, not everything is all in one real estate.

To help you out, you can drop by in various open houses and be familiar with the local market. Compare your collected information with different apartments that are either greater than or lower than your budget to see how the values truly vary with location and features. After that, reexamine your list to get a better perception of what you want and what is out there.

Get a Great Real Estate Agent

Your real estate agent can make your buying experience a success or a failure. If you know where you want to reside, make sure to consult an experienced real estate agent who truly understands the market and the location.

If you do not want, you can ask your close friends, relatives, or family who reside in the area of your interest for advice and suggestions. And if their recommendations do not satisfy you, then go to various real estates websites like Zillow and Streeteasy.

Thus, get an experienced real estate agent that has the full knowledge of the place, fast, and most importantly has all the abilities to execute and listen to all your needs. Furthermore, a great realtor will also certainly help you all throughout the procedure or even beyond.

Have a thorough Home Inspection

Even though the property you consider to buy seems to be perfect and unblemished, there is nothing compared to having a specialist to examine and check your future new home for safety, quality, and the overall condition.

If and only if the trained professional home inspector can detect some serious irregularities that the marketer did not confess, you will automatically be able to invalidate your offer and can even take the deposit back. Or you can make the seller do all the repairs or make a discount.

Read the Contract Carefully

As mentioned above, a house is most likely the most significant purchase you will ever do in your entire life. As such, it is very crucial to read and understand all the conditions and agreements of your contract.

If you cannot understand any of the terms, then ask your real estate agent. Know that you cannot break or leave your contract easily. The bottom line is, the agreed contract secures both parties. You just have to ensure that you fully comprehend all the contract’s detail before affirming and affixing your signature.


If you are a first time home buyers, then it is very crucial that you enlighten yourself about all the home selling process. The more knowledgeable you are, the less nerve-racking and distressing it will be, and the more chances that you will get the property you genuinely want just within your price range.

There are a couple of valuable pointers that will help you make your first home buying experience a less stressful ride. To help you out, read the above tips to get you on your first home buying experience.

 Author Bio: Alexandra White is an aspiring real estate agent. She browses different websites like Ashe Morgan to learn more about this field. When not working, Alex travels to different places or have some time meditating.


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