Landscape Basics: 5 Foolproof Ways to Beautify your Front Yard

Front Yard

Front Yard Landscape Ideas

For homeowners, it’s of the utmost importance to see that his or her house looks are appealing and that people will acknowledge it with bliss and even commend some of the essential features. There’s no better way to achieve such appeal than to start improving the appearance of your front yard.Front yard landscape ideas is one of the best way to improve the front yard of your house.

While enhancing your backyard is essential for transforming your home into a perfect place for a stay-cation, but your front yard is highly important as well. Like it or not, the front yard is what you can see when you go in and out of your house and what your neighbors can look at from across the lane.

There are many ways in which you can enhance the look of your front yard that can give your home that curb appeal with a beautiful, healthy landscaping and a welcoming feel. For a little help, listed below are five practical ways boost your home’s curb appeal.

5 Tips to improve the look of your Front Yard Lawn

Top 5 methods to improve your front yard lawn:

Clutter-Free Lawn: Get rid of all the Clutter

Well, first things first. Before you can start doing the real deal, it’s important to dispose of anything that is a blot on the landscape. That includes lawn furniture, old vehicles, empty planters, swingsets, dead bushes, unruly garden hoses, and anything that you regard as junk.

If these things are not necessary or attractive anymore, sell it, toss it, give it away, or recycle it. While you are at it, look for a place that’s, for the most part, hidden and unseen to store the recycling bins and garbage when it’s not the day for pickup.

Moreover, don’t forget to clean up the driveway or sidewalk. Take out any thorny plants, toys, overhanging branches, and any other threats. Ensure that the walkway path or the entrance is accessible and usable.

Mow your Lawn


Since lawns are typically a significant part of the front yard, then it only means that your lawn’s appearance can greatly impact your home’s overall curb appeal. If your property has a cultivated area of green grass, then you should rake, edge, mow and manicure it. Strictly speaking, you have to nurture your lawn.

Make sure to kill or pull out the weeds and keep the lawn well-watered and fertilized. But if you reside in an area where a shortage of supply of water is common, think about creating drought-tolerant landscaping, with artificial grass, gravel, and stone, perennials and succulents, which will not demand much watering.

However, keep in mind that it can, in most cases, take a long time and a huge budget to yield this kind of landscaping to full growth. But rest assured that you’ll have a lawn that’s healthy and beautiful.

Include Beautifying Features Near the Entrance


Adding decorative features or ornaments on the walkway is an effective approach in boosting your home’s curb appeal. Think about adding potted plants, planter boxes, benches, statuary,  signs, flowers, fountains, bird baths, decorative plants, or artwork.

Even a plain and unornamented straight pathway can become more interesting and more welcoming with any inexpensive, free or used items. Be sure to visit any market, online stores and examine if you can look for anything that can attract the eye and can withstand the outdoor weather.

Update your Front Door

Another important update that you can do to improve the appeal of your front yard is to bring your front door up to date. Keep in mind that everyone can see your front door, so be sure to take the necessary steps to make it outstanding.

You can opt to wash it or, if needed, repaint or refinish it. But if that does not change anything,  consider changing it. On the other hand, the door’s hardware can make a huge difference as well. Thus, be sure to remove those rusty and damage hardware and make it shine and replace it with a new one.

Also, don’t forget the framework and molding around the door. If it’s peeling off, repaint it. Be sure to inspect the floor at the foot of the floor. If it’s dowdy, chipped, and dull, polish and clean it. You may need to varnish, paint, or redo the floor, relying on its style and structure.

Have Good Lighting in the Front Yard

To truly achieve a beautiful front yard, be sure that the entrance or the entryway is well lit. By that we mean, installing good lighting from the road entry to the front door. By doing so, anyone visiting you will be able to see the path clearly, both in the night or in dim light.

Consider installing new light fixtures to enhance both appearance and visibility. You can also opt to install garden lights to steer visitors or line a pathway towards the entry.


There are plenty of ways in which you can boost your home’s curb appeal. From losing all the junk, nurturing your lawn, adding decorative details, updating the front door, and making sure that the entrance is well lit.

By doing all these ways, you can make your house look more inviting and more welcoming from the outside. You can also take your home’s exterior from disgrace to something that you can take pride of in the overall look of your house.


Author Bio: Yassi Parrish is a blogger and an environmental advocate. She writes stuff about climate change and the ways to mitigate it. In her environmental advocacy, she promotes green alternative options for living such as buying energy-efficient technology to preserve the environment. She browses GStore to look for efficient technology.


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