All You Need To Know About Your Roof

Roof System

You have a roof over your head and must have one, but is that all you know and nothing else. Well, tomorrow your roof may come up with its demands. Isn’t it your responsibility to know whether or not the demands made have come up at the right time and are legit and how you should fulfill them. To come out with all the right solutions you need to know everything about your roof irrespective of the fact – you got it installed by a contractor or bought the house from someone else.

This article is your gateway to the knowledge ocean you must have regarding your roof.

Things to know about the roof

The Roof System

You must know what types of roof system your house has:

  • Shingles
  • Flat or
  • Metal

This will help you in deciding about the repair or replacement of the roof – when and how.

The Importance Of A Roof System:
It is extremely important to choose the right roof system. It is this fundamental that decides the durability factor. Its aesthetics and the architectural design play a vital role in the design and other factors.

A quick sneak peeks for you of what you can expect:
1. Tiles: they may last 100 years, but individual tiles may break. These must be replaced only by a specialist
2. Concrete: no replacement needed
3. Cedar: this type of roofing material needs repair often and must be replaced after every 20 years.

The Roof Components

Your Roof Components are made up of the following things:

  • Roof Structure: It supports the underlying structure.
  • Sheathing: It is a structure that basically supports the roof covering. It is sheet or board tied to the roof rafters to cover the house.
  • Roof Covering: made up with different materials like tile, shingle, slate or metal used to protect the sheathing from all types of weather.
  • Flashing: constructed with either sheet, metal or some other material to make the joints of a roof strong. It can be end-wall or flashing and simple or complex.
  • Drainage: a feature within the roof system that is responsible for the ability of a roof to shed the water.
  • Roof Penetrations:  all the penetrations have a specific role to play in the design. These include electrical poles, ventilation vents, plumbing vents, skylights, chimneys, air conditioning fixtures, outlets from kitchen, bathroom and so many more.



The Cost

Well, its true that you have to consider factors like place and weather before choosing a roof system, but you also cannot ignore the fact you can spend only what you have. So keeping that in mind, choose the one that suits you.

The Roofing Contractor

You must consider the experience and the reputation of the company while considering it for your roof repair or replacement in the future. Any residential roofing contractor or commercial roofing contractor should be chosen after enquiring about the credentials of its team. After all its about the roof that gives you shelter from the climatic atrocities and bears all by itself.

 This knowledge should help you in knowing about your roof so that you take good care of it.


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