Keep Your Evaporative Cooler Optimized with Regular Maintenance

Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative Air Cooler

Evaporative air cooler is the most preferred style of natural cooling. They cool the surroundings and make it comfortable for living. But, as these evaporative coolers work on water that is circulated throughout the system, the need of regular evaporative cooler service is something that no owner can ignore. These are one of the energy efficient coolers.

Regular servicing is what keeps the cooler running efficiently for a longer time. You need to ensure that the cooler is loaded with water with lesser calcium content to avoid the cooling pads from getting damaged.

Also, evaporative cooler service has several checks and repairs to ensure that it is running at its optimum condition all the time. To ensure the longevity of your evaporative cooler, you cannot skip regular services. Any usual evaporative coolers service consists of several checks. You need to know about checks to ensure that the service provider is not skipping anything during the service.

How to Get the Most from Your Evaporative Cooler Service?

  1. Checking and Adjusting the Bleed Rate

    For any evaporative cooler, the bleed rate would depend on the water quality being used in the cooler unit. When there is an increased deposit of salts or suspended matter on the cooler pads, it can become necessary to increase the bleed rate. Also, there can be a need of reducing the bleed rate or switch to the automatic conductivity controlled system if the bleed rates are excessive.

  2. Checking the Uniformity of Wetness of Pads

    If you use bore water in your evaporative coolers, there is a possibility that there is a deposition of salts on the pads and that reduces the water absorbing capacity and that leads to uneven water distribution over the pads, thereby reducing the efficiency of the evaporative cooler.

  3. Removing the Inspection Panel and Checking Belts

    A visual and a physical inspection is more than enough to tell whether the belt tension is proper, and the belts have not worn out. The trained eyes of evaporative coolers service providers can easily spot signs of wear and tear. So, with regular servicing, the cooler can be prevented from a complete breakdown.

  4. Checking the Pads for Cleanliness

    The service provider needs to check the health of the pads andĀ also check them for cleanliness. The evaporative coolers servicing technician should be aware of the local requirements. If the pads are not cleaned properly or replaced in time, the evaporative coolers will reduce their cooling efficiency and increase your power consumption. In dusty areas, this inspection may be necessary more frequently. So, you need to keep the surrounding area of the evaporative cooler clean.

  5. Checking Pump Operation Efficiency

    The pump operation is easy to inspect. It just needs a visual check of the water flow and the water distribution in the tray by an expert eye. The pump needs to be able to keep supplying water consistently to the water pads to be able to keep the cooler efficiently running.

Care for Your Evaporative Cooler

Some evaporative cooler service checks depend on whether the servicing is being done before or after the season. The reason for such different provisions for checks is that when the cooler is being prepped for the upcoming season and the damage that regular use can cause the machine.

To ensure that the evaporative cooler keeps up its optimum performance without wearing the belts and pads out, you need to try to reduce the on-off cycles as much as you can. One on-off cycle is complete when you switch on the evaporative cooler and then switch it off. This cycle, when repeatedly continued in a short span can cause a lot of damage and cost you more for replacements.

Above all, your cooler needs evaporative cooler service once in every year to keep them running for a long time.


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