Designing the Best Garden Deck?

design garden deck

The addition of a deck in your garden is the best way to add a garden feature or to bring your dining or relaxation space outside to enjoy the weather.  There is a lot to consider when choosing your deck material, including how big it will be, where it will be installed in your garden, and you will be hiring someone to do it for you?  The choices don’t stop there because you also need to consider how simple or extravagant your design will be.  We have a guide for design ideas for your decking space.

Design Ideas for Decking Space in your Garden

Decking Purpose

Deciding on the main purpose of your deck is a starting point in considering what type of decking boards you may want to choose, as well as its proportions.  Do you want the traditional wood that requires regular staining and painting, or is composite decking with its low maintenance levels more suited to your space?  Will you need a lot of seating or just a couple of seats?  Is your main purpose of dining outdoors, and if so, for how many people?

Given the unpredictability of the weather, is the deck going to get wet a lot, or maybe it will house a hot tub or be laid near a pool?  Thinking about who will use the deck and how slip-resistant it is, is essential when choosing decking materials.

Deck Size

When considering the size of your desk, you first need to consider what type of furniture you may add to it.  If you plan to add outdoor furniture, then pre putting your furniture in place can help you determine just how big your deck needs to be.  Space for pulling your chair out from the table needs to be considered, as well as room to move around easily and off the deck.  If you are adding the luxury of a hot tub, a place will need to be left for comfortably climbing in and out of it.

Deck Location

When considering where in your garden your deck will be located, it can be easier to draw a scale plan so balance can be found.

Commonly, a deck is usually located directly off a house to create an indoor/outdoor feel.  However, you may have another space where shade, sun, or privacy are considered more appropriate and allow you to enjoy the best views from your garden.

When considering the location, if choosing a largely shaded spot for protection from the sun, more maintenance will be required unless you use composite decking, which mostly requires less attending.  While not something you would think of at the time of choosing a space, think about the direction of the wind to avoid installing the deck in a breezy area.

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Planning Permission

Have you considered whether you need permission to install your deck?  This is important to factor into your deck planning, and its best to check with your local council and building guidelines to ensure you are adhering to regulations.

Type of deck

There are so many options when choosing a deck design, from its height to its look.  If wanting a simple building choice, then locating it directly off the house or elsewhere in the garden at ground level is the best choice.

When raising a deck to create levels as a design choice or because of slopes in the garden, it requires more work both in cost and time.  Finishing touches such as Railings, panels, or a balustrade can be a design choice for ground-level decking; however, for a raised deck, it is a safety requirement.

Decking Layout

The most common and classic look for a deck is to lay boards horizontally, making a beautiful clean look, and depending on how you finish; it can take on a stylish or more rustic look.

For a point of difference, the board can be laid diagonally, but there are considerations with the joists that will need to be made to support the boards.

There is a range of other intricate styles that can be used, such as chevrons, a central pattern framed by boards, herringbone, and laying boards horizontally then vertically. Choosing a different design can make your deck both functional and decorative.


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