How to choose a loudspeaker for your Living Room?

Loudspeaker System

It is easy to buy speakers online or by walking into some shop. But are they the right ones? In this case, many of us prefer expensive equipment rather than the cheap ones thinking that higher the cost better the quality. Though that is not the case. The very good loudspeaker system is more sensitive than mid-quality speakers and can deliver a lot of sound with only a little power from the amplifier. The best loudspeaker is the one that suits you the best both set-up and budget wise.

Tips to choose the right loudspeaker system for a living room

Decide on a budget

First of all, find out how much can you afford. There are a number of companies that produce loudspeakers, each one having unique specs that are beneficial in various ways. For example, The Dali Spektor 2s is one of the best options that provide a huge slice of fun.

However, sometimes we narrow our research without looking what’s new out there. Instead, we ought to think about where to stretch our budgets. But honestly, that’s not it. If you are buying a whole loudspeaker system for your living room then there is no need to spent 90% of your budget merely on loudspeakers. Always choose what suits you best.

Measure your listening room

This is another crucial task but most of us ignore it. Many of us prefer to buy huge loudspeakers thinking that they would add to our entertainment but no, this is not true. It’s not like, it cannot provide you with fun. More likely it will occupy much of the space making the listening area too much sophisticated. And of course, we need to breathe right?

So it’s important to measure the area because it will help you to choose the correct loudspeaker according to the position and size. For example speakers like Speakers like Wharfedale’s Diamond 220s sound more solid and authoritative next to a rear wall. Similarly, the Italian loudspeakers also don’t mind their backs close to the wall and don’t occupy much space.

Type of speakers that will suit you best

Next, think what kind of a loudspeaker will suit you best. There are two types of loudspeakers:

  • Floor standers
  • Stand mounts

Floor standers, as the name indicates don’t require any stand. You can simply place them on a floor whereas Stand mounts are the opposite i.e. they need some stand or table to be placed.

So normally it is thought that the big loudspeakers like Floor standers can produce a high frequency of sound but it is not all true. It depends on the amount of listening space you have provided. If he is big and spacious then the frequency of sound lowers a bit but if the living room is small then you will hear a high frequency of sound. Even you will feel your room is vibrating.

The right setup

Finally the right setup, for that you must know whether your speakers are running properly or not. Just judge them as soon as you get them out the box, This is because some speakers take 100 hours to come on some song though most require 24 hours.


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  1. amor lara says:

    So it’s important to measure the area because it will help you to choose the correct loudspeaker according to the position and size.

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