Top 7 Things You Must Know About DIY Roller Blind Cleaning

DIY Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds for Windows

DIY Roller blinds are extremely useful for the house, office cabin, cafeteria, and commercial places. These blinds can enhance the look of your home, office or commercial space and provide the much-needed privacy. Moreover, if you have automatic DIY roller blinds, then you can conveniently use the remote control to operate the blinds. Moreover, they prevent harmful sun rays, dust, and debris from coming inside while keeping your room clean and cool.

Maintaining roller blind is also important to enjoy their appeal for long. You must be aware of the right process of roller blind cleaning because most of these blinds come with horizontal and vertical designs, which people find difficult to clean. If you use any cleaning agents on roller blinds, then their color will fade away and they will lose its look. In this case, you will need to change them instantly. To avoid this, you can either clean them yourself or hire a roller blind cleaning company who will make your blinds spotless with their advanced tools. 

Top 7 Ways to Clean the DIY Roller Blinds

#1. Organic Cleaning Agents


Rollers blinds for windows are available in different designs and materials. So, before you clean the blinds, you need to check the material they are made up of and only then use the right cleaning agents on them. Harmful cleaning solutions can destroy the blind’s fabric. Therefore, you must clean them with organic cleaning agents so that they retain their shine.

#2. Clean up Vacuum Cleaner


First, you need to check your blinds and see the condition of the roller blinds. If there is a huge amount of dust and debris, then you cannot clean them with a vacuum cleaner. It is better to clean the blinds on a regular basis so that you can easily clean them with a mop or vacuum cleaner.

#3. Clean the blinds with simple ways


You can follow simple ways to clean the roller blinds at your home. For this, you will need a few things like detergent, sponge, old toothbrush, vacuum brush, clothesline, bathtub, and warm water.

#4. Use Mild Detergent


If you find thick dust on the slats of the blinds, then you need to clean them with a good but mild detergent. Mix the detergent with warm water and use a sponge to clean the blinds. However, if you have a dust allergy, then you must avoid such a DIY process.

#5. Use Warm Water & Bleach


You can also mix warm water with the detergent in the bathtub and rub these blinds in the tub. If you have white roller blinds then you can add three to four tablespoon of bleach for better cleaning and retaining its original color, which might fade due to dust deposition.

#6. Remove the Blinds for cleanup


You need to remove the blinds from the roller because if you apply the detergent and water on the rollers, then these cleaning agents will loosen the blinds in the future. However, before you remove the blinds from the rollers, you can clean them with vacuum brush, otherwise, your floor will become dirty.

#7. Soak the Roller Blinds


It is better to soak these blinds in your bathtub for a few hours and then gently wipe them with a soft sponge. Lastly, use plenty of water or hold these blind under the running shower to clean the soapiness. Then let it dry completely before putting it back.


Overall, it is a long and hectic process. Besides, you need to spend your whole weekend for this cleaning processes. To avoid such tiring and time taking method, you can simply call the roller blind cleaning professionals, as they will clean your blinds within a short time meticulously. You can easily find a reliable blind cleaning company online. Check testimonials and ask around before hiring any blind cleaning company.

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