Drop the Brush: What Needs to be Done to Your Exterior Aside From Painting?

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Have you noticed peeling or faded colors on your exterior? It might be that time of the year again — time to once again scrape the cracked paint off of your home and prepare your exterior siding for a new coat or two of paint. While this task helps you maintain your home’s good looks, you might be starting to realize that there may be a better alternative to the hassle and cost involved in repainting, after all.


Paint doesn’t always hold up well against extreme weather conditions. In fact, it may not even be as effective as might be ideal in protecting your exterior from water damage — which can weaken your home’s structure and encourage the growth of mold. If you want to keep your home lovely and damage-free, why not drop that brush and invest in a better and more permanent solution instead?

But first, here are some of the reasons why you might want to stop repainting your home’s exterior:


#1. It’s just a short-term solution.

Paint doesn’t last long, even when thickly applied to your home’s exterior. It may start to peel after five years or so, maybe even sooner, if it’s constantly exposed to the harsh elements. This requires you to paint your home again–a long and stressful task.

#2. It’s not cost-effective.

Painting your exterior will take a considerable amount of your valuable time and money. You’ll need to make sure those vibrant colors on your walls and trims remain intact year after year. Paint, brushes, and scrapers don’t come cheap, nor do the services of professional painters you’ve hired for the job. You can always take the DIY route in exterior painting, but you can’t guarantee the results will be just as good.

#3. It doesn’t really give additional benefits.

Painting can surely enhance your home’s exterior appearance, but what else can it do for your home? It can’t deliver greater weather protection or bring in a healthier return on investment, for instance. There is one home improvement project that can deliver on these, however: Installing New Siding


The Advantages of Siding Installation Over Exterior Painting

If you want to spruce up your home in the best way, you should consider wrapping your exterior with new siding. You may find that it offers a host of benefits that regular painting cannot. These include:

  • Easy Preparation. If you already have old siding, the contractor only needs to remove it. They’ll inspect the exterior for challenges that may hinder installation and then start work on it, allowing for simpler prep work. In painting, however, power washing, cleaning, and scraping are typically needed before the actual paint application. It’s long and challenging work compared with siding installation.
  • Exterior paint starts to peel after just a few years, but a new siding can last for up to 20 years, especially when properly installed and maintained by a trusted contractor. Of course, this will depend on the siding material you chose. There are many options available out there, but one of the most popular is steel.

Steel siding is extremely durable. Because it doesn’t chip, peel, or crack, you won’t have to scrape anything off or have to buy costly brushes and paints. Its strength helps it withstand the harshest weather conditions, while also serving as an energy-efficient barrier on your home’s exterior walls. With steel siding, you can just forget about constant maintenance altogether.


  • Exterior Protection. A new siding can keep your home dry and damage-free as it acts as additional protection for your wall. If you only paint your exterior walls, however, your home basically remains exposed to weather damage and other issues.
  • Energy Efficiency. Siding doesn’t just boost your home’s curb appeal; it also adds to its energy efficiency. It provides additional insulation, helping reinforce your home’s thermal envelope. This means your home maintains a pleasant indoor temperature while reducing energy consumption and costs. You won’t enjoy this same benefit from the exterior paint.
  • Cost Efficiency. Because siding lasts longer, it eliminates the need to spend again in the next few years. Your home can continue sporting a lovely, vibrant color palette and remain protected from your area’s climate. This is a big contrast to exterior painting, which can be more expensive in the long run due to frequent maintenance and repainting.


With the additional benefits siding installation can provide, you can get what you pay for and more. Get started on this project by turning to a premier home improvement company near you. An expert can ensure your new siding is properly installed so it can deliver the reliable and lasting performance you’ve come to expect. Just make sure your choice of contractor is:

  • Licensed to guarantee legitimate work that adheres to the necessary safety standards.
  • Insured, with workers’ compensation and liability coverage to better protect you and your investment.
  • Experienced in every aspect of siding installation, ensuring the project is completed on schedule and on a budget without compromising quality.
  • Certified by leading manufacturers so you’ll have access to top-tier siding products and the solid warranties included with them.

Make the switch to new siding instead of constant repainting. This way, you can pave the way to a lovelier, sturdier, and more energy-efficient home, minus the stress and additional costs.


Author Bio: Jeff Jones established the Jones & Associates in 1987 with his wife L’Anna with the goal to build a home improvement company based on quality and integrity. His efforts paid off in 2007 when his company became regularly slated as one of Qualified Remodelers’ Top 500 Contractors in the United States. He enjoys outdoor activities with his family as well as serving the community and religious boards.


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