What Makes an Ideal Door?

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Doors don’t just connect your living spaces, whether indoors or to the outside–they are also essential components contributing greatly to your home’s beauty, comfort, and energy efficiency. That’s why, if your existing units are displaying signs of serious damage, you should consider a prompt door replacement.


With doors coming in all sorts of styles and designs, you need to make sure they can suit the various areas of your home. This may seem overwhelming, but all you need to do is remember they’re vital functions. Here are four things you should look for when searching for the ideal replacement doors.

4 Tips to follow in order to find an Ideal Replacement Doors:


#1. Durable

For doors that connect to the outdoors, you’ll want units that are tough enough to resist the harshest weather conditions, so make sure your replacement is made of an exceptionally durable material. There are many door materials available today and it pays to learn more about their pros and cons before finalizing your choice. These include:

  • Exterior doors made of this material remain a popular choice. They are strong, and they insulate well. Wood doors allow for extensive customization. They can be any size, shape, and style, plus you can easily add personalized features to them, such as sidelights, transoms, and decorative glass. The downside of choosing wooden doors, however, is their high maintenance. They easily warp and rot when exposed to the extreme weather. This may override the strength, insulating properties, and natural charm they are known for.
  • This door material ties with wood in terms of durability, easily standing up against nicks and dents. The material can be stained to look like real wood grain, in fact, allowing for many design options. However, fiberglass doors come with a big price tag and fitting them to an older home may pose difficulties.
  • Nothing can beat steel in terms of strength, making it one of the safest door materials available. If you want to it to look good and perform well, however, you need to make sure your steel door is protected from impact damage. It can be prone to dents which may be difficult to repair.

You might want to consider composite doors, as well. This material is fast gaining traction among many homeowners–and with good reason. Composite doors combine some of the best features of other materials, like wood’s strength and insulating properties and vinyl’s low-maintenance performance. This means long-lasting resistance against extreme thermal and weather changes.


#2. Stylish Doors

Given how doors are visible design elements, they should always make a lasting first impression on guests, as well. Fortunately, doing this is easy as replacement doors come in a wide selection of styles, colors, and designs. This makes it pick out a door that matches with your home’s existing architectural style. Some replacement doors work better with a specific home design. For instance:

  • French doors are excellent for traditional homes. These include Colonial, Craftsman, French Tudor, and other vintage style homes. French doors are recognizable by the glass panes that extend through the entire length of the door. The classic design makes this type of door the instant focal point in your home. Available in single and double-door option, these doors typically swing outward, providing a wide opening which creates a stronger, seamless connection between your interior and outdoor living spaces.
  • Sliding glass doors are great for modern-contemporary homes. Their slim frames and expansive glass fit perfectly with your home’s clean and sleek aesthetic. This same large glass area helps maximize your viewing area while allowing access to plenty of natural light. With this, you can enjoy a brighter, more spacious feel for your home. Sliding glass doors are also convenient to use–they slide smoothly along the track for worry-free operation.

When choosing your replacement doors, make sure to find a manufacturer who can offer many opportunities for customization, including creative grille patterns, color combinations, and hardware options and finishes. This way, you can create a door for your home that’s uniquely yours.


#3. Energy-Efficient Doors

Durability and good looks are important factors to consider in door replacement, but you should take into account energy efficiency as well. In fact, energy-saving replacement doors are today’s standard, providing many homeowners with more sustainable choices for their home improvement.

Of course, a door’s energy performance is directly tied to the material and glass they come with. Glass doors, for instance, should be double-paned and have Low-E (low-emissivity) glass coatings. This will help reduce heat and cold transfer in the home, making it thermally comfortable no matter the season. By keeping indoor temperatures stable, your door can let you enjoy considerable energy savings.

Additionally, the door material should keep durable, airtight seals. Composite may be a good option for this. Because composite doesn’t warp, crack, or corrode when exposed to extreme weather, there’s less potential for damage that can allow for air leakage and energy loss.


#4. Low Maintenance Doors

Find yourself a replacement door that can provide exceptional and lasting performance without the need for constant cleaning or replacing. Again, the door’s material and installation quality will affect the, so make sure to choose smartly.

Replacing your exterior doors may seem straightforward, but it will involve a lot of careful planning, and it will fall on you to do your research and make informed decisions. If you want to keep things on track, it doesn’t hurt to turn to a reliable door company in your area for help. This way, you’re sure you can get the most mileage from your investment.


Author Bio: Charlie Gindele owns Renewal by Andersen of Orange County, a premier home improvement company offering high-quality window and door replacement solutions. He has over 45 years of experience in the window replacement industry, making him one of the most trusted people in the said niche. This recognition has also let him teach budding contractors from across North America on various industries and topics. Catch more of Charlie’s updates through his blog.


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