5 Things to Cover before Moving into a New Home

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Signing the legal documents and finishing with legal technicalities in general, is far from the endgame scenario when it comes to moving into a new home. Many more seemingly trivial things should be covered before you’ve actually moved in. It is with this in mind that we’ve come up with a list of things you need to take care of before moving into your new home.

Don’t forget to follow the steps before moving into a New Home:

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Change the Locks

The first order of business is getting your own locks. Doesn’t matter how good the previous owners might seem, you can never be too careful these days. Simply change the locks before your old place’s lease expires and get your own set of keys. We recommend that you really go wild with the locks – you, your loved ones, and your personal items can never be too safe.

Notify about the Change in Your Location

Having your mail sent to the new tenants of your old place can be quite a drag. However, this can turn out to be more than an inconvenience – many legal complications can arise from this and no one else here is to blame but you. This is why notifying business and government bodies about the change in your location should be among the top orders of business, before actually moving in.

Naturally, this works both ways. Make sure that the old tenants of your new home have notified appropriate government and business bodies of the change in location, as well – you don’t want to end up paying someone else’s cable, right?

Connecting Your Energy

If you do not want to have your pockets turned inside out, just because the previous owners of your new home decided to go wild with the power before they’ve sold it, make sure you’ve updated your energy status. Things here also work both ways – by not changing your energy status, you may end up causing the new tenants of your old home to pay your bills. Keeping things honest is definitely the way to go.

The best part of connecting your energy is that it’s more than simple – simply call your power company, share a couple of your new details, if prompted, and let the company do its thing!

Clean Up First, Move-in Later

Realtors are very good at their jobs – they will make a pigsty look like a luxurious hotel in a matter of hours. But how do they do this? Well, herein lies the problem – by masking the issues on a superficial level, they are making the house appear perfect. But, looking for absolute perfection will not give you satisfying results – sometimes, you need to settle for doing things on your own.

In the meantime, you can put your belongings in storage to keep them safe and clean. You don’t even have to worry about renting a unit for too long because most self-storage facilities offer short-term storage services. Do note, though, that different areas may offer different types of storage unit leases.

Waste Removal

After you’ve bought the house, opt for some quality waste removal. Sure, you might be able to break some sweat and do it yourself, but professional companies will definitely do a more thorough job. And it’s not even about cleanliness – it’s about potential health hazards that might creep up on you, without you even noticing. Many filthy, creepy crawler communities might be developing just under your wooden floor, so why not opt for professional help. After all, we are talking about the health of your loved ones. So, clean up first, move in later!

Before getting used to living in a new home, you need to nourish it and properly take care of it. After tending to all the legalities and other things mentioned – you can think about moving in.


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