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New Style Valves

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Valves have gone through many changes over the years. Because of this, we now have both old and new styles of valves. Older style valves are those that are made of metal such as stainless steel or brass while new style valves are made of plastic. In addition to the old and new style valves, there are also three common kinds that you are likely to come in contact with: ball, gate, and stop valves. The information below will help you navigate the world of newer style valves while also providing the useful information needed when it comes to improving your indoor plumbing.

New Style Valves for Indoor Plumbing


It’s no secret that plastic valves have a ton of benefits, so it’s no wonder that when homeowners need to replace their plumbing valves many often opt for the new style upgrade. Before diving in, however, it is important to fully understand the reasons that make plastic so ideal when weighed against metal. Thinking carefully about whether or not to switch from old to new style valve will help to ensure the style you choose is right for you!

The main reasons people make the switch to plastic valves include the fact that plastic is much cheaper doesn’t corrode, and is lightweight, making the installation process a lot easier. Because of the lack of corrosion, plastic lasts longer and requires virtually no maintenance. If you are worried about issues such as high temperatures or shock control you will need to find plastic valves that are suited to meet those standards.

Metal is particularly known for those two benefits, shock pressure generation and temperature resistance, but there are even more durable plastic valves designed to match or surpass the strength of metal in regards to those issues. Generally speaking, plastic valves are able to do anything that metal valves can do…but better. No matter what, it is important to know exactly what you are looking for and the results you want to achieve.

Common Types of Valves for Indoor Plumbing


While you may have made up your mind on the plastic vs metal debate, there are other things to consider. There are three common types of valves that are found in home plumbing systems. Though there are many different types of valves, ball valves, gate valves, and stop valves are the most popular. All three are offered in both plastic and metal materials. These are different as compared to the new style valves. Knowing their advantages and disadvantages is one more way to guarantee that you get the results that you want out of your plumbing system.

Ball Valves


Ball valves are used to shut off water flow by using a small ball that is inside the valve. A hole inside the ball allows the water to flow through or be cut off depending on whether or not it is open or closed. There are many advantages to this type of valve. Ball valves are very easy to turn on or off quickly and because of this can be used by just about anyone. Ball valves are one of the most affordable valves as well as one of the most efficient but these types of valves are most praised for their longevity. However, ball valves do come with some disadvantages. If they are used with the wrong type of liquid, ball valves can become worn down or stuck. Ball valves are not recommended for throttling applications, as they could lead to erosion. Overall, these valves are very reliable if used in the correct way.

Gate Valves


Gate valves feature a tiny mechanism that resembles a little gate moving up and down allowing water flow to flow through or to be stopped completely. These types of valve are best used in applications that do not need to be frequently turned on and off.  The fluid resistance is minimal with gate valves and though they close and open very slowly, gate valves will not create a water hammer. Gate valves are best used in hot water applications in indoor plumbing systems because of their inability to quickly change from on to off.

Stop Valves


Stop valves control the water flow with a stopper that can be moved up and down. At first glance, these valves look very similar to gate valves but are more compact. Stop valves are very useful one when it comes to toilets or sinks. Benefits of stop valves include being able to shut off a water supply with ease. While any valve can do this, stop valves are specifically designed for this function.

When considering whether or not to use new style valves, keep in mind that it is important to consider many aspects before making a final decision. It is easy to group all valves together as similar but their differences can have a major impact on your plumbing system. Always remember to keep your system’s specific needs in mind when choosing valves!

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