Top 10 Tips for Shopping Bed Online

buying a bed online

The bed is one of the most and effective investments in our lives, mostly when we are going to spend a third or half of your life in it. If you think and feel that your sleeping quality is disturbed, it’s time to buy a new bed and replace it with your new one. Our suggestion is that you just need to change your bed at most or at least 8-10 years. The fact is that 75% material use in beds is destroying after 10 years of use.

In this modern life online become trends. You can see many online furniture store website from where you can easily buy your new bed to full-fill your needs and requirements. But the problem with almost all the online store is that they deliver the product which is a mismatch with the product that we order from their online store website. In this article, we are going to describe your top ten tips for shopping bed online.

10 Tips for buying a bed online:

Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying a bed online.

1. Different types of Beds for you

types of bed

The most prominent piece of furniture in your bedroom is the bed. Look for the bed which fit your bedroom space and having some extra storage space underneath. Storage or Ottoman beds Is the best solutions for that. Some of the well-known storage beds are:

  • Divan Base
  • Fusion Storage Leather Beds
  • Quartz PU King Size bed

2. Measure your Bedroom space

How much space you have in your bedroom and according to your bedroom size, make decisions how small or large bed you would like which easily fit your bedroom. You can easily find all sizes of beds online such as:

  • Single Beds
  • Bunk Beds
  • 4 Foot Beds
  • Double Beds
  • King-size Beds

Default bed sizes are given in the table:

Small single2’6″ x 6’3″75 x 190cm
Single3′ x 6’3″90 x 190cm
Small double4′ x 6’3″120 x 190cm
Double4’6″ x 6’3″135 x 190cm
King-size5′ x 6’6″150 x 200cm
Super king-size6′ x 6’6″180 x 200cm

3. Best Shops for Buying a Bed Online

Select well-known and branded shops for shopping your bed online. Read all the privacy term and return, quality of product while selecting a new bed from the online store.

4. Bed mattress Right Selection

When you are going to buy your new bed also select the mattress for the bed also. Search for the store which offers a complete bed with mattress option at a cheap and affordable price such as divan set which contains base with mattress. Such as

  • Ruby Divan Set
  • Inspiration Divan Set
  • Soft-touch Divan Set

5. What to ask when buying a bed online

  • The headboard is included or not?
  • How the bed is assembled?
  • Is there a storage option included in the bed?
  • The mattress is included or not?
  • Bed guarantee?
  • What will be the delivery cost?
  • When will it be delivered?

6. Best Price of Bed

Visit many different sites and select the bed from the store which offers cheap price with good quality products.

7. Getting your bed delivered

You will need to arrange for the store to deliver your bed unless you’ve got access to a van. Not all shops offer evening or weekend delivery slots, so check before you buy if this is important to you.

8. Main Issues want to Solve

Clear all these issues before buying.

  • Delivery charges
  • Marketing ploys
  • Inaccurate sizing
  • No refunds

9. Research for different types of beds

Different shop offer the same types of beds with a different design, first, do research about the bed which you want to buy and then select the one which is according to your needs and requirements.

10. Bed Safety Advice

Take precautions when lifting storage beds not to strain your muscles, and be aware of the surrounding space when moving them from one room to another. You may wish to cover or protect the upholstery with plastic or sheeting while you are moving the bed.

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This article is produced by WOODLERS, a top selling brand in the UK. We deal in furniture items like beds, mattresses, wardrobes, dining sets, living room furniture items and much more. To view our diverse furniture range you can visit our website. We offer furniture at reasonably good prices with free delivery service.


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