5 Best Tankless Water Heaters To Buy For Your Home

Tankless water heaters are an excellent alternative to conventional heaters, which rely on storage tanks. These heaters have a very small footprint are more economical and energy-efficient. For people living in remote areas or with limited space, a tankless water heater may be one of the only options.

5 Best Tankless Water Heaters for Home

Regardless of why you want a tankless water heater, there are a number of different brands and models in the market to choose from. A reliable plumbing expert like Harmcor Plumbing & Heating can help you make the best choice for your space and help with installation. Here’s a look at 5 of the best tankless water heaters you can currently buy for your home:

1. EcoSmart ECO 27

One of the primary reasons of opting for a tankless water heater is the cost-efficiency. The fact is that you require energy to heat water. However, a tankless water heater is specifically designed with energy-efficiency in mind. The EcoSmart ECO 27 can save you approximately 50% of your standard water heating costs using a reliable and basic electric design. This unit is compact and can fit very easily into tight and cramped spaces, making it a great choice for smaller homes as well.

2. so green IR260

If you want something more than just a basic water heater, this electric water heater will also help you keep the water clean. The SioGreen IR260 uses a special infrared quartz element for heating the water. This eliminates the natural metallic taste that heaters with copper elements produce. It helps maintain the purity of the water while offering the same heating efficiency as other models.

3. Eccotemp EM-2.5

This electric water heater is excellent for heating water for small spaces. While this is a very good option and offers great energy-efficiency, it has a much lower water flow rate. This unit is very compact and can be placed in spaces like near the shower or under the sink to heat water in that particular location.

4. Bosch Tronic 3000

This device is another good point of use water heating option and is extremely simple to set up as well. It has a simple set-up; just plug it into a standard electrical outlet and the heater is ready for use. In fact, this design is so compact that it’s also an excellent option for those who want a portable water heater. It can be fitted in outdoor kitchens, boats as well as mobile homes. You can choose from three different sizes that are in the range of 2.5-7 gallons. Since this is very compact, it can easily fit in a cabinet or under the sink.

5. Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus

Most people opt for an electric water heater because they offer energy-efficiency and have a very simple setup. Since their operation does not require natural gas, the units are just plugged and use devices. The only limitation is that, since these water heaters have an energy efficient design, they can struggle with much higher demands. This is where the Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus is different. It offers an impressive flow rate of up to 4.68-gallons/ minute, bringing it on par with many larger gas-powered heaters.

These are five of the best tankless water heaters to buy for your home’s hot water needs. Again, it’s a good idea to get some advice from your plumbing contractor about which one is best suited for your requirements. They will have detailed discussions with you to understand what your usage pattern is. The experts will provide you with all the information you need about the different models and what their pros and cons are, helping you make a well-informed decision.


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