Modern Bathroom – How to Turn Your “Cluttered” into “Compact”?

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Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

We all know how truly important bathrooms are and, in order to come up with a bathroom design, which will feel less imposing and higher in quality in general, you’ll need to find a way to properly position the bathroom paraphernalia. When it comes to the small bathroom, you can go either of the two ways: the wrong one – where it can be deemed as “cluttered”, or the right one, by making it feel “compact”. In order for you to achieve this, we’ve come up with a list of advice on how to whisker the clutter away from your bathroom design.

Things to consider while planning Bathroom Decor:

Furniture and Storage

bath floor

Built in cabinets and base units can do wonders for your bathroom’s flexibility and the general feel of spaciousness. There are many bathrooms out there, with a full array of cleaning products, toiletries, and medicines out on display, making a small bathroom feel even tinier and more cluttered. Hiding the mentioned behind closed cupboards, not only makes up for more space physically but also tends to render your bathroom looking cleaner, neater and bigger!

Shower instead of a bath

bath tub

Yes, everyone likes the idea of relaxing after a long day’s work inside a cozy, bubbly hot tub. However, only a few of us actually do this on a regular basis – hey, I can’t even recall when was the last time I did some hot tub relaxing and I own the damned thing! And this is the exact problem – while showers don’t tend to take up to much space and excel at functionality, the bathtubs do wonders in terms of comfort, comfort which only a few of us have time for. So, in order to turn your compact bathroom, think about opting for a shower.


Nothing can make a room appear under a different light, other than the lighting itself – this is where the actual saying comes from. Although bright light can easily create an illusion of a space appearing bigger, you need to make the best use of natural light. This is done really easily – by adding a window, which will not only open up your bathroom in terms of space but also utilize the outdoors to provide a vaster, more natural outlook, no longer limiting the space to a single room.

Tiles and patterns


Nothing makes a bathroom appear bigger as do clean lines of contemporary and modern decoration. Simplistic, minimalistic, yet more than enough for anyone’s taste, your bathroom decorations for walls and floors should be kept to a bare minimum when it comes to patterns. Natural colors, such as white, beige, cream and stone, can seamlessly make a small space appear bigger in no time. Furthermore, keeping away from fussy patterns, big color contrasts and dark colors, in general, can hugely open up your bathroom. A mirrored ceiling creates a sense of airiness and height, so there’s an idea for you right there!

Make it physically larger

Okay, this solution might not seem all that convenient. And, truly, it isn’t! However, if you own a relatively large place, with a tiny bathroom, you can always spare a room next door to your bathroom, to convert and come up with a larger bathroom. This might turn a bit more expensive, owing to the fact that you’ll probably need to make some changes with regards to plumbing, but there are many plumbers out there who will find this idea interesting and perhaps do it at a discount price. If you don’t have a spare room next to your bathroom, but own a larger one you won’t use, think about completely converting it into a bathroom. Many households have more bedrooms than the owners actually need, so you are looking at targeting these rooms. Naturally, this will make for a heftier bill, when it comes to your plumber, but it can truly turn out well worth the price.


When it comes to toilet seats, the only thing you can hide is the cistern, which is easily done by simply stashing it inside a wall, or make way to put a mirror over it – mirrors are well-known depth inducers, so make sure you position them opposite one another. Your bathroom will appear manifold more spacious in this way. You can try an over the toilet storage, it’s space saving and more convenient for small bathrooms, too.

Bathrooms are by far the easiest of rooms to make appear larger. Simply follow the indicated guidelines and you can rest assured that your brand new bathroom outlook will make it appear compact at worst, instead of cluttered. Just make sure you have a proper amount of mirrors and that you consider all conversion possibilities.


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