Should You Hire Someone to Cut Grass? Why or Why Not?

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A beautiful and sprawling garden is always difficult to maintain and that perfectly mowed backyard requires regular maintenance and trimming. Whether you are an occasional gardener or a veteran green thumb, you must have wondered at some point of time if you should continue maintaining your garden by yourself or if you should hire someone to do that for you. Many different aspects come into the consideration for different people with different needs and here I’m going to analyze these aspects for you so that you can make a reasonable and informed decision so read on!

How to Maintain your Garden Effectively?

Check out some Garden Maintenance Tips:

Hiring A Help: The Overall Cost Considerations


First of all, let us take a look at the overall cost of maintaining your garden by hiring a help to do it. You’ll first have to search for a credible company that provides the help that is trustworthy and worth your money. This entire process can be a tad bit tiresome since you’ll have to search for these services on Craigslist or you’ll have to make inquiries from some other places. It may become stressful for you to search for a trustworthy guy or a company that you can trust with your backyard or garden. The average price for these services usually hovers around $45 for 1/2 acre of land. Let us say that you’re going to mow your backyard 30 times a year then the overall yearly cost of hiring a help comes out to be $1350. We will see later how the overall cost of maintaining your backyard by yourself adds up.

Doing It Yourself: The Overall Cost Considerations


When you are maintaining your backyard by yourself, you’re going to need the tools to do so. You may need a riding lawn mower, a blower, and a weed eater. All this equipment can cost you about $1500 and the prices may vary slightly. Now if you’re going to maintain your backyard by yourself then you’ll have to invest in the equipment and their maintenance. Throw in the additional cost of gas and oil to run this equipment and finally, you’ll have to spend your time in maintaining your garden.

Now, if you’re passionate about gardening then you’ll enjoy the work but if you have some other engagements then it may be a problem for you. The average cost of maintaining your backyard on your own may hover around $30. And 30 such sessions per year add up to $900. You can already see that you’re going to save $450 per year when you do it on your own and if you have any doubts about the equipment then you can check out expert reviews on tilling tools at for a sound understanding of the machines.

Bottom line: Help vs. Tools

In the end, it just boils down to your own personal preferences and needs that should influence your final decision. If you would like to cut down on the overall cost of managing your backyard then you are better off managing it on your own. It involves less stress, less money and a better experience for all those green thumbs out there if you choose your equipment carefully. While it may consume some of your time but it will be less stressful than finding a help or a company that you can trust with your backyard.

If you hate mowing the lawn on your own and you don’t want to manage, operate and maintain that equipment regularly then you should hire a help to do it for you. While this method is a little bit costly but you’ll save a lot of your time that would have been spent grinding on the field.


Also, if you throw in the cost of gas and the yearly repairing and maintenance costs of the equipment into the equation then you can see that both the choices do not differ much in their overall costs. So, it basically depends upon your choices and your needs. Economical and less stressful tools or Expensive but easy and efficient help. What would you choose?



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