How Wooden Blinds proved as an Ideal Replacement for Curtains?

Wooden Blinds

Benefits of Wooden Blinds

Wooden Blinds have become a popular choice for decades because of its practical benefits. If you are planning to install wooden blinds at your home, here are some benefits of wooden blinds that will certainly help the scales in their favor.
Top 5 benefits of installing Wooden Blinds are:

1- It helps in keeping your home safe and secure.
2- It is one of the most insulating blind options.
3- It is strong and durable
4- They require low maintenance
5- It is timeless in nature.

Top suggestions for usage of wooden blinds

Wood items used in wooden blinds

A beautiful house with a cozy and comfy ambiance is what everybody wants. And in making a house this kind of a homely place, timber plays an extremely important part. For this reason, many people go for wooden blinds for their windows rather of curtains that have to be changed and cleaned often. Wood, on the contrary, matches any house and needs cleaning less frequently. Moreover, it provides a sensation of cosines and warmness for your rooms. Wooden blinds are made of different materials like wood, fabric, plastic material or synthetic timber. Brass wood, however, is the most popular wood item used.

Different types of wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are of different kinds like weaved blinds, straight blinds, small blinds, etc. Every one of them is intended for different settings and caters to various needs. Or, if your windows are bigger than normal ones or have a different and uncommon design, you could go for customized blinds. Similarly, if your rooms have a particular theme you could paint the wooden blinds to match the concept of the room. Most of the proprietors, however, keep the blinds in the timber finish alone. Nothing, in the end, can deliver that look of elegance that wood provides.


Besides the comfort and majesty, blinds created of wood have an additional advantage, that of sturdiness. With small care from your part, they can final for a long time. Also, timber is a material that ages with elegance. The wooden blinds that you get now will only turn out to be more marvelous and remarkable ten years later with sufficient improving. And that is certainly not every.

How it matches with other items?

Wood can suit any room, unlike curtains that have to be matched with the other upholstery items in the room. If it is a bedroom wooden blinds can give it an informal and laid back look whereas if it is the living room wood causes it to be rich and graceful. It can also always keep allergic reactions away as it has a level of resistance to moths, dirt, fleas, and so on.

Listed here are a few tips that you can have to get the optimum out of Wooden Blind:


Lubricating it once in a while can improve the sturdiness of the blinds. Oiling or re-staining once a year could be enough lubrication.

Keep away wooden blinds from kitchens

It is better to always keep blinds of wood away from kitchens or bathrooms. Although they may have great resistance to water, wetness or moisture can ruin the blinds or make them unattractive.

Buying Blinds

Believe carefully regarding your requirements prior to buying the blinds. Make certain the surroundings are suitable with the blinds you might be preparing to buy.

Dimensions of windows

Have the precise dimensions of your windows before buying. When you purchase and after that when it arrives that the dimensions are not suiting you’ll wind up wasting a lot of money.

Bring samples

Get some professional guidance prior to buying the blinds. When possible, get them to bring some samples to your home that you can test and find out.


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    Sangeeta, these blinds are made of dried, nrtuaal grass. These mats are traditionally made in Assam, West Bengal, and in South India. To order window blinds, you can send us an e-mail or call us.

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