Tips for Making a Small Bathroom Look More Spacious

Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If you have a small bathroom and remodeling to enlarge it is not an option, there are several things you can do to make the bathroom look and feel larger. Implementing some of these tips can transform your small bathroom into a more functional and attractive room.

Bathroom Decor: Transform Small Bathroom into a Spacious one

Check out the list of bathroom decor ideas.

Color Scheme

In a small room, it’s best to stay with one color tone as much as possible. Including too many different colors can make the decor look chaotic and choppy. If you select a neutral color scheme, you can add in a burst of color with an accessory such as a light fixture or possibly by painting the interior of a glass front cabinet in a bold accent color.

Creating Visual Openness

Glass shower doors are ideal for a small bathroom. Glass doors make the room look and feel more spacious. They are also a wonderful way to showcase a tile color or pattern that you’ve chosen for the shower. Professionals, such as those at Minneapolis glass outlet, can help you with shower door designs that will meet your need. Glass shelves are also a good choice for a small bathroom. Keep the number of items placed on the shelf to a minimum so that light will flow through the shelf.

Creative Storage

When you are trying to make any small room look larger, it’s essential that the room remain uncluttered. In a small bathroom, you may need to take advantage of the vertical space in the room and extending cabinetry to the ceiling. Corners are a good place to add storage cabinets. Keep a minimal number of items in the bathroom and be sure that what you do have there is stored in a neat and orderly manner.


Mirrors are an excellent way to visually expand space. Be bold with your mirror selection. Choose a mirror that is impressive in size to place on your bathroom wall. Select a shape that complements your decor. An oval or round mirror adds softness to the decor while a mirror with defined edges looks modern and sophisticated.

Using a few simple bathroom decor tricks, you can make your small bathroom look larger and more luxurious. Use accessories to make decorative statements and to add color and texture to the room.


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