How to Estimate Cost for Building a House?

Cost of Building a House

Calculating the cost of building a house is not fast and easy. Assuming that a house is going to be built from the ground up, there is a lot of work to do especially in finding out how much money is going to be spent in order for a house to stand.

With modern technology, you can just find an online calculator which requires the area of land and the height from the floor to the ceiling to come up with an estimate, but that wouldn’t be satisfactory. It would be a lot better to hear from those who have mastered the field or consult experienced contractors to be assisted.


When estimating the cost of building a house, there are steps to take and factors to consider in the process. Here are some of the things to consider in estimating the cost of building a house:

  • Construction Site

A leveled lot is more ideal than a slope. Slopes will cost you more money for soil and leveling it. However, if there are trees needed to be cleared, rocks to be removed, and dirt to be hauled, the price will increase.

  • Size

The cost will also matter in how big or small the area of the land is. A bigger area will need more money compared with a small one.

  • Permit Fees

Obtaining a building permit will consume time, and it is better handled by the builder you have chosen. There will be more expensive fees while obtaining permits for works related to electricity, occupancy, and a lot more, depending on the requirements on the area.

  • Budget

The homeowners should have an idea of how far they can go with spending. Though it is still difficult to list all the things needed at the beginning of the project, it will help find the size of the house enough for the budget, determine the style of the house, decide on the interior features to add on, and limit customization. It is also very important to make sure that the budget can still accommodate additional construction expenses.

  • Builder

The builder should be one that is suitable for the type of house to be built. This will help in the proper execution of the project and in achieving the timeline which can be helpful in preventing more expenses. The builder can also give you an approximate amount of how much you will spend on the construction and materials.

  • Inspections

This part is needed to secure that there will be no damages during the process of the project. Several inspections should be done so it will certainly cost more, but it’s a lot better than spending more than this when costly errors occur.

  • Insurance

Purchasing construction insurance will help in protecting the project from start to finish, and compensate on the damage while under construction.

  • Style and Quality

The style will also affect the cost of the construction of the house. It will cost you more if there are several corners and angles added. It will need more materials and more labor.


Quality is for actual materials to be used in constructing the house. This includes the flooring, doors, windows, shingles, cabinetry, built-ins, paints, insulation, and appliances. If it is your dream house you are planning to build, you would want to have the best of everything in it. There are trusted companies, like enterprise lévisienne and pavage Quebec, that supply quality materials and services, at affordable prices. It’s a matter of choice.

  • Building Time

Time also affects the cost of construction. If there’s a demand in labor, the price will typically be lower to stay competitive, but if the construction happens when labor is not in demand, the price can be higher.

The final cost of building a house can be also be affected by the personal involvement of the owner to the management of the project. Aside from the costs of basic construction, this will include customization as well. Some of these factors are:

  • Number of Floors

Additional floors like a basement or attic area can contribute to the increase in construction cost. It could be more expensive if these areas have a decorative finish.

  • Roof Type & Installation

Cost of the roofs depends on the area of the house, and the cost can increase depending on the choice of the roof type. Roofers also don’t ask for the same price, so installation can add up to the cost.

  • Additional Features

Additional features like a swimming pool, a fireplace, or a central air-conditioning will cost you more. Aside from they are already expensive to make or buy; their maintenance can also be pricey. However, if the homeowner already has allotted budget for the additional features of the house, then that would be fine.

  • Landscaping

After the project is completed, the house can be more appealing if the surrounding is landscaped. Hiring a professional landscaper can be costly. Money is also needed in buying trees and shrubs, fountains, and other things used in land beautification.

  • Fixtures and Finishes

The price depends on the grade of the fixture. The choice of the fixtures from standard, luxury, or custom can greatly affect the cost. Expensive finishes like natural stones can increase the construction cost.

  • Driveway

Driveway can also be costly, but there are companies like entreprise lévisienne that can help you build a driveway that is cost-effective, long-lasting, and less maintenance.

Cost overruns can occur but there are ways to prevent it. You can work with the builder to create a more detailed construction contract so that you can get a more accurate estimation of the home cost. It also helps in maintaining your budget.

Work with the right home builder in order not to go over your budget. It’s also a good idea to have 10% more of your budget as a room for unexpected costs.

By and large, it’s really expensive to create a house of your dream. However, after the project is completed, the cost  will all be worth it.


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