How to choose the right type of Air Conditioning for your Home?

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If you want to cool off in your home or office air conditioning is the way to go. There is such a variety of unit types now available in the marketplace it is not so much about personal preference but about purchasing the right air conditioning systems for your space.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems to choose from:

4 best home air conditioning systems are:

  • Window units
  • Portable units
  • Split systems
  • Ducted AC

Window Units


We have all seen or experienced air conditioning installed in a window. These are self-contained with everything that you need in an easy to install the unit.

They are made to fit different sized windows and are a great option especially if you are renting. You don’t need to modify the room where you install the air conditioner and when you move just take it with you. Ideal for smallish rooms, they tend to only affect the local area where they are installed.

You will need a separate unit for each room that you would like to cool.

Portable Units


Portable units are an option for people that either rent or don’t have the budget to install multiple units. They are self-contained like the window units and just need to be positioned near a window. You can choose from either a single or dual hose system.

The single hose option has one tube that removes hot air via a window. This works well in a small room, however, because the air pressure inside is reduced, hot air will seep inside through door and window gaps. The unit then has to work harder to cool and, for larger areas, the energy cost can become prohibitive.

Dual hose units use one tube to cool the air that is already inside your home and return it indoors. The second hose pumps air into the unit from outside to ensure that it doesn’t overheat.

Portable units can be more expensive to operate than other options.

Ducted Systems


Ducted systems are ideal if you want a simple solution to cooling your entire home. A series of discreet ducts are installed in walls, ceilings or floors and connected to a compressor unit. You are able to then cool part or your entire home via a central set of controls.

Before you purchase any type of air conditioning, think about the size of the space that you want to cool. Then talk to experts about what you need and they can help you decide on the ideal system to suit both your budget and requirements.

Split Systems


There are two main parts to split systems. The indoor component or wall unit and the external component that sits outside your home. To effectively cool your residence you need a wall unit for each area or room that you want to affect and you can have multiple internal wall units connected to one external unit.

Modifications need to be made to your walls to install the internal units. In the past, they have been considered an eyesore inside designer homes but nowadays it is possible to buy them in various colors and stylish designs to fit in with any décor.



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