How to revamp your old Bathroom

How to revamp your old bathroom

Small changes can bring a massive improvement to your bathroom. With this in mind, you should still remember that some bathrooms will never go out of style: the ones with the right color palette and clean lines, the ones with the right textures and fixtures.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas: How to revamp Bathroom cheaply?

If your bathroom can use some improvements and you’re still clueless about the ways to revamp your bathroom space, we can offer you some insights.

Install a floor-to-ceiling glass shower cabin

Install a floor-to-ceiling glass shower cabin

Bathtubs have been lately replaced by floor-to-ceiling glass shower cabins, for a series of good reasons. Before anything else, bathtubs have become outdated and eat up a lot of space.

Glass shower cabins also boost the functionality of your small bathroom. They remove shower splatter, and they’re a fantastic option if you want to make your bathroom appear bigger. However, if your only tub is in the bathroom you plan to revamp, realtors advise against completely removing it. Houses without bathtubs are difficult to sell, due to practical reasons.

In this case, a shower stall kit is your best friend. They are made from glass or fiberglass (the low-cost option), look just as well as floor-to-ceiling glass shower cabins, and they preserve their functionality.

Choose the right tiles

Choose the right tiles

The simplest way to revamp an old bathroom is by replacing your tiles. And the first step to choosing the tiles is by thinking about the wow-factor. Luckily for you, the options on how to use staple bathroom tiling are endless. Consider minimalist patterns and styles. These will remain trendy for longer and can be preserved when you want to bring further improvements to your bathroom.

Some of the biggest bathroom tile trends you can follow, and fit perfectly in all spaces and designs are the honeycomb tiles, subway tiles, and mosaic tiles. Choose the ones you think will fit better into your space.

The home decor specialists suggest that white wall tiles make stunning choices, in most of the cases. However, make sure that you choose the accents in an interesting and intriguing color palette.

Choose a color scheme for the bathroom that makes an impact

Choose a color scheme for bathroom that makes an impact

On to the color scheme now. The best way to ensure the color scheme in your bathroom fits the rest of your home like a glove is by bringing in the colors from other rooms. Take a walk around your home and write down the colors you have used and you like best. This will create more consistency and will bring the house together. But, there are some smart tips and tricks you can use to determine the color scheme of your new bathroom.

For instance, white honeycomb or subway tiles can be wonderfully mixed with black ones. This will create more dimension to your space without overwhelming it.

Industrial-inspired faucets

Industrial-inspired faucets

Industrial designs are hot, and they will stay hot for a long time. Change your old, sleek, and polished faucets with industrial-looking ones. The more industrial your bathroom is, the more personality it has. Exposed pipes and hardware have become architectural elements. And, everybody should consider such small changes to give their spaces a completely fresh and trendy air.

Restore order

Restore order bathroom

Keep your bathroom clean and tidy by including more storage solutions. Generally, even small bathrooms can be entirely changed by adding more similar solutions. Besides, this will create the illusion of a larger bathroom, which is another perk many households lacks.

Families who aim for airy and organized spaces should look forward to incorporating a close storage area. In households where laundry rooms lack, you can easily mask the washer and dryer here, but also the clean laundry. Make sure to create enough space for other necessities, like fresh towels, toilet paper, and personal care products.

Use the space under the sink to make the most of a small bathroom. If you don’t have a vanity table, you can set up space under the bathroom sink in such a way to include several storage options for beauty products.

Create the illusion of space

Create the illusion of space

We mentioned previously how important creating the feeling of a larger space is. To continue on the same line, you should think carefully about the placement of a couple of elements: mirrors and lighting fixtures. For incredibly small bathrooms, installing mirrors on an entire wall is a smart solution found by interior designers. On the opposing wall, install spotlights or waterfall lights. The light reflected on the mirror will create the illusion of a larger space, sometimes even double.

Eliminate unnecessary decorations and accessories. In small bathrooms, this may be the wisest decision. Also, it will save you a lot of money.

The details

The details

Once you remodel your bathroom completely, all you have to do is take care of the small details. Elements like your mirror, the lighting, the decorations, even some bathroom-friendly plants, these are excellent additions to revamp your bathroom easily.

Mirrors are an excellent choice to make your space appear bigger, but they can also double as stunning décor elements. Round mirrors will sweeten up a bathroom in no time. Add some plants to make your bathroom look livelier. Ferns and orchids make perfect choices, plus they will have a huge visual impact. Stone decorations are trendy and will still stay trendy for a while now.

When choosing the lighting fixtures, make sure to pick minimalist elements. Their placement will also contribute to making space appear bigger.

These are only some suggestions we could get from professional interior designers. Remember that interior design is more than just keeping up with the latest trends. It’s about creating a cohesive, timeless design. This will help you save money in the long run because you won’t have to remodel your bathroom every time you redecorate the rest of your home.

Think about creating more functional spaces, including storage solutions. No matter how many family members your household has, storage spaces are always necessary. Plus, extra storage room will help you hide all personal care products you don’t want everybody to see.


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